Positive Words and Language

Influence of the Words

power of positive words

Before diving into the world of positive words, lets talk a little bit about how the words influence us.

If you are positive personality in general, it has a way of rubbing off on other people - and I'm 100% sure that you have noticed that. This happens, because your moods, words and mannerism are contagious.

And one of the most powerful ways you can communicate your positive nature is through your language, both in your words and in your actions.

I believe that positivity is a lifestyle - a lifestyle that you can choose and teach to people what they can also replicate.

The truth is that, when you are a positive person, you will be more conscious in how you use words and how you react to situations. This is so, because it takes conscious effort to train your mind to be more positive.

If you take a look around, we are living in a world that is full of negativity, that you need to be deliberate if you want to retain your positive outlook towards life.

Does it seem to you, that majority of the people tend to be quite negative and complain about mundane everyday worries? I believe this to be so, because complaining is 100 times easier than improving your conditions and life.

How about you? Do you tend to complain more or choose to spread the warmth of a positive mindset?

Whatever the case is...

... You will see soon, that words are so powerful that they end up defining our experience and that of the people we speak them to.

The truth is that almost everything you think and know was informed by the words of one person or the other, either verbal or written. Words are the building blocks of life, societies and generations.

Much has happened in your life and so much will still happen... But what happens to you is not the issue, how you interpret them is more important.

It is essential to learn how to replace negative statements and expressions with more positive ones and see how you will change your own worldview.

Are you ready to leverage the power of positive words and completely redefine how you experience the life?

This is the challenge I am hoping to throw to you.

I am not expecting you to have an easy ride in life. What I'm expecting, is the ability to be able to interpret life in a more positive way.

I want you to come to the point, where you will see that life can be much more enjoyable and less stressful, if only you choose to spread that fragrance of positive communication.

Remember, the darkest nights bring the best out of even the smallest lights; don’t ever think yourself too small to make the impact needed.

The most influential leaders the world have ever seen are those, who knew and mastered the power of words.

They started and lead movements, changed systems, created magnificent literature, progressed the science and civilization and wrote their names in gold on the sand of times; men like Napoleon, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Martin Luther King, Richard Feynman, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln and many others.

The most powerful tool any human being will ever have is the ability to communicate his passion to the point of setting other people on "fire" - that is what these men had in common.

How about you? How powerful are your words?

What are your words achieving in the lives of the people, who have been listening you?

Are your words creating a better or worse environment?

Start using the positive words more often and prepare for your change!

Power of Positive Words and Language "Why and How to Use Them"

Positive words have power. Your words have power. Your words can heal or destroy. Your words can inspire or discourage. Your words can motivate or dishearten. Words are power.

Are you choosing and using the right words?

Are you using the right words?

Are you applying your power?

Your words will influence how others see you. Your words can alter how you see the world. Your words, whether in writing or spoken, can change your brain and how your body works.

Words have always had tremendous power and people have known it since the ancient times. Many ancient texts teach you the importance of the words and the reason why we have to pay attention to the words we use.

Words are more than mere words. It’s time to put your words to good use... Because...

When you think, you most often think in words. We live our life by those words. The words you think about shape your feelings, actions, personality and almost everything.

On average, we humans speak about 16,000 words each day. That's a lot of words!

You cannot control all of those words you speak - naturally... But

... Just imagine the possibilities when you start to use positive words more often and little by little. With small steps and practice you will become more positive speaker. Positive words will shape your mind, alleviates stress and improve your general well-being.

You can have thousands or even tens of thousands thoughts every day. Therefore, it's no surprise - as you start to use positive words and language more often - your thought patterns also change for better.

And the best thing yet... It's super easy you to start using positive words in your daily life. You only need a minuscule amount of dedication and mindfulness in order to get started.

You can start your positive language journey for example by saying one compliment to someone each day. Or you can start by reducing the use of negative words in your daily life.

positive words dictionary


  1. What are positive words
  2. What is the most positive word in the world
  3. Examples - How you can use positive words to improve your life

 Sounds good? Ok, let’s get started.


Here are the quick links:


Good question and definitive scientific answer for that is yet missing. However, there are few studies made about words and how positive or negative they are.

positive word pollyanna definition

Though... Lucky you, this isn’t a scientific journal.

I use my own way to define positive words, which is super simple... You can consider a word to be positive when it has at least one positive definition.

Whaaat, it's stupid, how it can be so simple? It can... It’s straightforward and simple - like Finnish people :)

For example. Let us take the word “money”. For some, “money” is only a negative word. For others, it is positive or both. Why I define money as a positive word? Because you can use money to do good. Because money is a simple way for you to trade and change goods. Because money is a resource and it's beneficial to have resources - like food, energy and the like.

Those were few examples which show us, that the word money has positive qualities and aspects. Thus, money is considered to be positive and therefore included in the list of positive words. 

He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good. - Confucius TWEET THIS


A word is considered to have a positive definition when its description contains:
  1. Positive emotions like joy, happiness, dedication, motivation, inspiration, patience, calmness, empathy, security etc.
  2. Positive characteristics like beauty, intelligence, knowledge, activeness, maneuverability, accessibility, productivity, improvement, betterment, freshness, vitality, protection, an increase of something (in scope, size, level, rank, quantity, movement etc.).

In the Dictionary of Positivity and Positive Words blog, you only find positive definitions of the words. In this way, the book and blog serves you and its purpose billion times better - by being clutter-free and therefore easier to browse.

If you are looking to have a list of all words, you can get an excellent regular dictionary like the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition.


Can you guess what is the most positive word in the world? According to a study made by researchers at the University of Vermont and the University of Adelaide, the most positive word is laughter.

How did the researchers then determine which word is the most positive word?

Firstly, the scientists collected and used a list of 10,222 unique words.

Then, each word got rated by 50 individual participants on a scale 1 to 9. Participants rated the words on the following "happiness score scale" (9 = most happy, 5 = neutral and 1 = least happy). 

The result?

From all 10,222 words, the laughter gained the highest score (8.50). For comparison, the most negative word was terrorist with a score (1.30). Below you can see the top ten of most positive words based on the study which O mentioned earlier.


1. Laughter 8.50

2. Happiness 8.44

3. Love 8.42

4. Happy 8.30

5. Laughed 8.26

6. Laugh 8.22

7. Laughing 8.20

8. Excellent 8.18

9. Laughs 8.18

10. Joy 8.16


If you want to be more efficient and confident communicator, try to drop unnecessary use of negative words and phrases.

First though...

Why using positive language instead of negative language is a great idea? Because...

A. Positive language uplifts your mood and mood of the people who you are talking to.

B. By using the positive words you also do good for your brains.

C. Positive words can make you more confident, likable and trustworthy.

D. Positive language gives you better and faster results because it doesn’t offend people. Nobody likes to be offended and I’m sure that applies to you too. You can avoid unnecessary confrontations by choosing your words more carefully.

Sounds good or hogwash? Check out examples below and decide yourself. 

Can you figure out which statement builds up more confidence?

Say them out loud and it will be more obvious. 

  • I have to go to swim VS I want to go to swim.
  • I can’t do this VS I won’t do this.
  • I will help you VS I will assist you.
  • I should go to watch a movie VS I’d like to watch a movie.
  • I understand your point, but I know we need to make it this way VS I understand your point, and I know we need to make it this way.

Yes, that’s right…the latter ones :) To sum up, we have replaced:

I have to with I want to

I can’t with I won’t

Help with Assist

Should with I’d like to

But with And

to be continued............yes it's annoying and you can throw tomatoes at me - though only if it makes you feel better ♥

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. - Wayne Dyer TWEET THIS