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Positive adjectives that start with N "nice words"



National related or belonging to a nation; attached to one’s own nation or country; common to whole nation.
Nationwide extending or occurring throughout a country or nation.
Native original; natural; occurring naturally in its pure form; growing, originating or produced in a certain region or place; arising by birth.
Natty neat, smart and fashionable; dapper; tidy.
Natural relating to nature; characterized by freedom of artificiality; expected to happen without intervening; produced by or present in nature; being in pristine and pure state; being skillful or talented through inherited qualities.
Navigable seaworthy; steerable; easy to navigate; sufficiently wide or deep enough to provide passage to vessels.



Words may be nice and full of art; Sighs are the natural language of the heart. TWEET THIS



Nearby very close; adjacent; close at hand.
Neat clean and orderly; terrific; marked by skill and ingenuity; very good.
Necessary absolutely essential or required; needed.
Needed necessary.
Negotiable possible or easy to be negotiated or negotiate; open to change, modification or discussion; transferable from one to another; passable.
Neighborly exhibiting or having the qualities of a friendly neighbor.
Neoteric modern; new; recent.
Nervy strong or vigorous; requiring or showing fortitude and courage; bold.
Nestling newly hatched.
Never-failing unfailing; that does not fail ever or performs the way it should.
New just or recently created, found, discovered or learned; additional; further; currently fresh or fashionable.
Newborn just or recently born or come into existence.
Newfangle desirous of changing or eager for novelties.
New-fashionednewly made; up-to-date; current.



There is always an easy solution to every problem - neat, plausible, and wrong. H. L. Mencken. Lao Tzu TWEET THIS



Nice agreeable and pleasing; pleasant; of good reputation and character; good.
Nifty very good; great; first-rate; stylish; attractive.
Nimble quick, light, clever and acute in action or movement.
Nimble-witted showing or having an ability to respond or think quickly and effectively.
Niminy-piminy affectedly delicate, refined or prim.
Nippy pleasantly invigorating and cold; sharp.
Nitid shining; bright; lustrous; fine; spruce.

Nobby elegant; fashionable; stylish; chic; smart; aristocratic.
Noble showing or having qualities of high moral, rank or dignity; stately; grand; splendid; great or impressive in appearance.
Noetic of or relating to the intellect or mind.
Non-belligerent not aggressive or hostile.
Nonchalant seeming to be calm and relaxed; cool; unconcerned.
Nonpareil above comparison or eminent beyond
Normal sane; typical.
Notable worthy of notice or note; remarkable; characterized by distinction or excellence; memorable; evident.
Noted marked; observed; worthy of attention or notice; famous; prominent.
Noteworthy worthy of being observed or noted; notable; remarkable.
Noticeable worthy or capable of being perceived or notice.
Nourished being provided with nourishment; fed.
Nourishing of or providing nourishment or growth; nutritious.
Novel strikingly new, fresh or different.
Now current; present.



Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. Aesop TWEET THIS

Nubile of an age ready for marriage.
Numinous spiritually elevated or awe-inspiring; sublime; suggesting or indicating the presence of divinity or deity; supernatural.
Nutrimental nutritious and nourishing; alimental.


Have a nifty and novel day!


ps. See positive verbs starting with n and positive nouns starting with n.


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