Terms of Use (Digital products)

Terms of Use | What you can and cannot do

All printable digital images and files - contained in products - are protected under International Copyright as original and/or derivative works.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to be aware of these Terms of Use.

By purchasing and downloading any Boom Positive printable digital sheets you are agreeing to abide by the following terms:


  • You MAY print files up to 500 times.
  • You MAY use the images of printable sheets as a part of your art & craft projects that are for commercial or personal use.

  • You CANNOT:

  • You CANNOT redistribute Boom Positive Digital Files AS IS. When you purchase the digital item(s) they are intended for your use only; do not sell them, share them or give them away in digital or printed format.
  • You CANNOT place/upload Boom Positive's Digital Files or Sheets on any website.
  • You CANNOT place Boom Positive's Digital Files or Sheets up on Print on Demand sites. Such as Cafe Press, CraftsUPrint, Zazzle or any of the similar.
  • You CANNOT use any of Boom Positive's Digital Files or Sheets in any digital form such as Digital Kits, Digital Scrap Book Kits, Tagger Kits, Website Design, Banners or in any other digital form. Boom Positive's Digital Files and Sheets are for printed use only, that's why they are called printables.
  • You CANNOT mass-produce your artwork containing any Boom Positive's Digital Files, for commercial use, without first obtaining written permission from Juha Salmela for the use of Boom Positive Digital Files. Mass production is considered to be any run of 200 prints or more from a single artwork (larger distributions may incur a licensing fee).
  • You CANNOT sell printed Boom Positive's Digital Files in paper, sticker or transfer sheets in whole or part.
  • You CANNOT sell Boom Positive's Digital Files or Sheets as part of a Do It Yourself Kit.