Boom Positive (Formerly Positive Thesaurus)


  • Main goal is to find and collect all positive words (words with positive connotations) and make them available to you.
  • Secondary goal is to research the positive words, how the words affect us and how we can use positive words to improve our lives.
  • Third goal is to be a source of uplifting goods, simple self-help and life-improvement tips, that you can use in everyday life.



    1. Most extensive collection of positive words. That was pretty obvious :)
    2. Self-help tips and useful resources. Is it time to ramp up you productivity? Or maybe find new practices to live healthier and balanced life?
    3. Motivating, inspiring and wise quotes. I'll pick the most juiciest and quoteliscious for you.
    4. Positive t-shirts, mugs, digital printables etc. with uplifting designs.
    5. Plenty of good and vibrant vibes.