About Boom Positive

  • Main goal is to find, collect and research positive words (words with positive connotations) and catapult them into the world and for you.
  • Secondary goal is to research the positive words, how the words affect us and how we can use positive words to improve our lives.
  • Third goal is to be a source of uplifting goods, simple self-help and life-improvement tips, that you can use in everyday life.

What you'll find here?

  1. Most extensive collection of positive words. That was pretty obvious :)
  2. Self-help tips and useful resources. Is it time to ramp up you productivity? Or maybe find new clever practices to live healthier and balanced life?
  3. Motivating, inspiring and wise quotes. I'll pick the most juiciest and quoteliscious for you.
  4. Positive t-shirts, mugs, digital printables etc. with uplifting designs.
  5. Plenty of good and vibrant vibes.

Who am I?

I'm Juha Salmela, it's great to meet ya!

An eternal entrepreneur, rock hard geologist, sagacious science connoisseur, metal music maniac, lousy drummer and try-to-be-good-husband-as-possible for his wife.

Juha lives in Finland and strolls currently in the city called Turku. Although, he has finally found his true home on the internet - where his war against gloom and doom with a boisterous boom is an ongoing battle!

As a one-man army, he might be a little bit wackadoo.

  • Juha has done everything here from the scratch.
  • Juha has learned to use Photoshop and Illustrator pretty well in few years.
  • Juha has fought with computers his whole life and conquered all the difficulties. That's why he thinks he is "Commander of Computers".
  • Juha is an avid consumer of science and positive psychology literature. From time to time, he likes to read also history and science fiction books.
  • Juha is introvert and he likes it a lot. Yes, it's pretty weird that introvert is blogging about positivism...anyhow, Juha likes to be weird :) There is actually science behind it, that it's good to be weird sometimes.
  • Juha likes to invent the wheel again, even when people say that you shouldn't. And if you get lucky, sometimes you can find wheel within wheel.
  • Juha's crazy mission and close passion is to create Paradise on planet Earth and spread positive energy.
  • So, Juha has a small wish. Make the world more happier, beautiful, fair, magical and better place for all beings on the planet Earth. Such an easy task, or what you think eh? ;)

What else I Love:

  • Coffee ☕👌
  • Web Design ☯︎⌾Γ
  • History 📖
  • Ocean 🌊
  • Rock Pop Rap 🎶
  • Exercise 💪
  • SCIENCE ∞🚀⚛
  • Positive Psychology ✌💗👍
  • Blogging 📝
  • Nature 🐦⚡☀🌛
  • Mythologies ✝⚭✠✡⊙ᚹᛃ
  • Fashion 💎
  • Aesthetics 🌹

ps. Juha wants YOU to rise-up to the potential that you have in you. He wants you to live your best in the game of life. He wants you to embrace the challenges of life and not give up. He wants you to stop hiding behind veil. He wants assist you to unleash your unique talents. He wants you to stay on the course and trust the journey - whatever it might be. 


"Imagine the world without beauty; and dare to say; beauty is vanity" - Juha S