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The Healing Power of Metal Music

Is heavy metal or rock music just noise? If you ask us Finns, you'll get probably a BIG NO as an answer. 

In Finland we have this thing called heavy metal - like plenty of other countries have it too - but... We have most metal bands per capita in the whole World /,,/

We also have sayings like "hevi puhdistaa" and "hevi parantaa" that could be translated "heavy music/metal purifies" and "heavy music heals".

I believe above sayings to be true, because of my personal experience and because the science. It's a well known fact that music can heal you and it can reduce your depression, anxiety and even chronic pain.

Are you ready to give a metal music a chance and listen at least the song Ghost Love Score by Nightwish? Get ready for an emotional roller coaster!

And I certainly would like to hear your thoughts, especially if you haven't ever before listened rock/heavy music :)

10 Metal & rock songs by Finnish bands to awaken your emotions

First five songs are sung in English and last 5 in Finnish language.

1. Ghost Love Score by Nightwish

2. The Greatest Show on Earth by Nightwish (Live)

3. Loneliness by Wintersun

4. Land of Snow and Sorrow by Wintersun

5. Heart Like a Grave by Insomnium

6. Elämänlanka by Stam1na

7. Henkselipoika by Korpiklaani

8. Mennyt Mies by J. Karjalainen

9. Ruoste by CMX

10. Isäni Ääni by Marko Hietala

nightwish army

ps. Welcome to the Nightwish army.


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