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First Chapter of the "Driving Spirit Within You" eBook

It's almost 2020, and many of us is going to make promises - some of us manage to keep those and some not.

I want to help you to achieve your goals with better success, and because of that, I wanted to give this free sneak peak of my book the Driving Spirit within You.

Dive in and make 2020 great and successful!



Imagining about what you want to be and to do later on in life is easy. The journey getting there isn't.

It's super easy to say you want to become a successful business owner or entrepreneur in 5 years, and then not do anything about it.

Or maybe, you start doing something, and give up in 6 months because it got too hard. Maybe you'll start doubting yourself and think you're in over your head.

It's much like wanting to go on a round-the-world trip without planning all the logistics of how you're going to get to all those beautiful places.

You make few preparations, but don't know exactly how you're going to keep yourself safe throughout your journey.

There's a lot of planning and elements involved in making your dreams come true.

Without that optimistic driving force within you, you'll find it difficult to achieve your goals and succeed in anything.

Maybe you'll be married to a job you hate. Maybe you'll be living
an unsatisfactory and mediocre life. You'll be hoping you can someday live the life you really want.

The path to success is going to be filled with problems and obstacles. Let this book to be your guiding light. Let this book help you navigate your way around the roadblocks and the potholes.

If you want to finally succeed in life, then read this humble and short guide. You're going to learn a lot about what you can do to achieve the life you want to.

You're going to find out how you can set the right kind of goals and how you can keep your motivation and enthusiasm alive throughout your journey.

By the time you finish reading this book, you'll be better equipped to confront and take on all challenges.

You'll have everything you need to achieve your goals and dreams. You can finally achieve success in a field that is closest to your heart.


What is Success?

By understanding what success is, it gives you much better chance to be successful.

Firstly, success is just a habit. Success is a collection of positive habits. If you have these habits you have more than a high chance to become successful.

Secondly, success is your ability to reach your goals. If you have already reached your goals, we can say you are successful and you've had success.


Ingredients of Success

Now that we know what success is, we can examine the necessary habits and ingredients you have to have before you can become successful.

The essential success ingredients are:

  1. Goal
  2. Action
  3. Motivation
  4. Energy


So, you have to put your G.A.M.E. face on, if you want to achieve your dreams. Let's see shall we?


Ingredient: Goal
Habit: Goal setting
Without a goal it's impossible you to make a score or reach a
finish line. You need to have goal before you can even dream
about success. Goal is the most important success ingredient.

Ingredient: Action
Habit: Stopping procrastination
Goal setting is nothing if you don't take action. Without real action
your goals are just dreams and will stay that way indefinitely. You
have to walk the talk. Action is the third most important success

Ingredient: Motivation
Habit: Continuously search inspiration
Without motivation, you will give up too early. To achieve your
dream you need inspiration, perseverance and motivation.
Motivation is the fourth most important success ingredient.

Ingredient: Energy
Habit: Taking care of your health
Without energy you have no strength or willpower to take even
the first step. If you are tired all the time it's impossible to achieve
almost anything. Energy is the second most important success


ps. I'm sure you can achieve your goals and be successful whatever your goal might be. For example if I can write a book with my poor English, then you can too most definitely - if you would want to. It's not that hard, you just have to have right kind of goal and kindle your motivation.


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