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10 best life-improving products | Amazon Black Friday 2022 Deals

Black Friday 2022 is soon here - this year it lands on 25 November. Have you already thought what you are going to buy or are you buying anything at all?

Are you going to buy new TV, new clothing or something that has a real beneficial impact to your quality of life?

Black Friday is perfect time to upgrade one or some of these everyday items - that we all use more or less.

Notice: All links that are pointing to Amazon in this blog post are affiliate links. This means that if you buy through an affiliate link, Amazon may pay me some money or gift cards. Clicking an affiliate link itself doesn't bring me any benefits and doesn't affect the product prices.

10 best life-improving products "Amazon Black Friday deals 2022"

Self-help books and courses have habit to focus your internal development - which is totally fine and great - but doesn't take account your surroundings and environment almost at all... And...

I want to fill that void for you with this helpful product list. I picked these products, because these are all items that we use almost daily.

I know there is many more life-improving products, but those are usually too niche and something that not many of us would be interested in using. I guess good example would be "Grocery Bag Carrier". It might be awesome product, but its probably something that very few of us would use.

Here are the best everyday products that can improve your quality of life - if you think I've missed some great life-improving product, tell about it on the comment section.

Be on the look out of these amazing "Amazon products on Black Friday" on November 29.

1. Bed Mattress | Sleep well

You sleep on average 26 years in your life! So it is no wonder that...

Getting a good bed mattress is probably the best investment that you can make in order to improve your life quality.

Sleep is essential for all of us. It has huge effects to our well-being and that's why a mattress takes the first spot on this list of "live-improving products".

Why you should care and get good night's sleep?

  1. People who sleep well and enough live longer.
  2. Can lower your blood pressure.
  3. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  4. Improves your memory.
  5. Makes you more productive, effective and "smarter".
  6. Puts you in a better mood.
  7. When you sleep well, you lose more fat compared to sleep-deprived people.
  8. While you sleep your skin rejuvenates and brain "detoxes" itself.
  9. Sleep helps your body to fight back infections.
  10. Can lower blood pressure and keep it under control.

Note: You should change your mattress at least every ~10 years or earlier - if you notice that you aren't sleeping not that well anymore.

2. Bed pillow that fits just for you

I'm sure that you'll agree that good pillow is essential for good sleep, because we all have some horrible sleeping experiences with poor pillow that just doesn't settle like you wanted it to.

A right kind of pillow ensures that you sleep better, and helps you to keep a healthy sleeping posture. Healthy sleeping posture prevents you from morning stiffness, headaches and other kind of pains that are caused usually by poor pillow and/or mattress.

As a general rule, you should change your bed pillows every 2 years. It may seem a short life, but if you sleep 8 hours a night, it makes it almost 6000 hours - and that's something! 

3. Bed blanket to control temperature and keep you comfy

To improve your sleep even more, its essential to choose right kind of blanket.

Sleep studies say that we sleep best at temperatures between 15.5 and 21.1 Celsius. Therefore, your blanket should be not too cold, not too hot, but just right.

If you have no good way to control the temperature of your bedroom, then the right kind of blanket is essential for good sleep. Because, when your bedroom temperature falls too low or raises too much, your sleep will be disrupted.

Things you should consider when choosing a blanket:

  • Temperature / weaves (knit, quilted or thermal).
  • How it feels against your skin (softness & smoothness).
  • Size (blanked should be big enough at least to cover your mattress).
  • Fabric type (cotton, down, fleece, synthetic, vellux or wool).
  • How well the blanket "breathes".
  • Weight (many of us sleep better, when blanket is "heavy" and that's why weighted blankets are gaining popularity). 

4. Right kind of lighting

If you have poor lighting at home - especially at workstation - it might be time to upgrade your lights.

Poor lighting can have big impact to your productivity and health. So be sure that you get enough light.

Your workstation lighting should have at least 500 lumens per square meter so it's bright enough to keep you going.

If you are working with computer, you might have to also consider the placement and focus of your workstation light(s). Because bright lights around your screen can cause glare or "wash out effect" which makes screen more difficult to read and/or see.

5. Morning lamp | Wake up more naturally with light

Could it be a time to ditch your alarm clock?

Would you love to wake up with a method that is more natural to us?

Morning lamp - also known as wake-up light or sunrise alarm clock - gradually increases its brightness, as to mimic natural sunrise.

Gradual increase of light gives you a relaxed and natural way to wake up and start new a day. The best part is that you most likely don't have to hear the sound of alarm clock ever again! 

I personally have Philips Wake-Up light, which works great for me. I usually wake up as soon as lamp starts to emit light even a little bit.

Philips Wake-up Light also works as a light therapy lamp. It is super helpful if you happen to live in a country where the days are dark and short in winter - also known as polar nights. Bright light therapy gives a great energy jolt in the morning and helps to combat general fatigue and tiredness caused by those pesky long dark days.

6. Fogless shower mirror

Fogless mirror is especially essential for you, if you a man who likes to keep neat beard. Because as you know...

...The shower is the best place to shave beard, because warm water softens your beard -  which makes it 10 x easier to shave it.

With "anti-fog" mirror you don't have to wait bathroom to dry in order to get clear mirrors.

And if you are a woman, I'm sure you will find it handy too.

7. Water filter

Water - like sleep - is necessary ingredient of good life.

You, me and all humans are mostly made of water - about 60% of our body is water. It's a no-brainer then, that you should drink good quality water as often you can.

Water filter will filter unnecessary chemicals, impurities and contaminants from your water.

You should try have at least 2 liters of water every day.

8. Hygienic cutting board | Boom! Go Bamboo!

Science says it, bamboo cutting boards are more hygienic than plastic cutting boards.

Not only bamboo is more hygienic - because of its antibacterial properties - but it is also more environment friendly. Win win!

Bamboo cutting board is perfect Christmas present to buy on Black Friday. Why? Because it's not too expensive and almost all of us use and need a cutting board.

9. Good set of knives | No more tears

Sharp knives makes your life in kitchen much easier.

With good set of kitchen knives you'll save time because its easier and faster to cut fruits, vegetables, fish, bread etc.

Sharp knives are also more precise to handle, which means that you don't cut your hands so easily. Dull knives tend to slip more easily and therefore are more "dangerous" and generally pain in the a**.

Oh yes, and no more tears when cutting onions. That's because the sharp knives doesn't cause so much damage to cell walls of onion, which means that fewer irritants (propanethial S-oxide) are released.

10. White noise machine | Fall asleep faster

With white noise machine you can create more natural bedroom soundscape.

White sound machines can emit soothing and natural sound effects like rainstorm, fireplace crackling, bird chirp, gentle wind etc.

Relaxing natural soundscape will make you fall asleep faster.

This background soundscape creates the "blanket of sound" that helps also to tune out sleep-disrupting sounds.

If you are light sleeper, who wakes from even the slightest sound, white noise machine can be a lifesaver.

Fun fact: Did you know that most of the white noise machines - also known as sound therapy machines - doesn't actually emit white noise, but pink noise.


Yay, you have reached the finish line!


Good thing to remember is, that there is no such thing as a best mattress, pillow or even kitchen knives, because we all are different and we have different kind of preferences. So take these product suggestions just as a grain of salt :)

ps. What product that you own has improved your life most? Personally I have to say, that a new mattress - what we bought about 2 years ago - has been a lifesaver for me and my spouse. There is no going back once you have found a bed mattress suitable for yourself, I guarantee!


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