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How to improve your productivity with reverse psychology

Do you work from home and by using a pre-planned hourly time limit? Yes? Then this brain hacking tip is for you.


Do you think for example "today I have to work at least six hours to achieve my marvelous daily goals" and often fail to do so?


I can tell that I was, especially when the work was something that I had do for myself and in my own home.


Fortunately I found a way to convert this "hourly daily achievement system" from weakness to strength by using a reverse psychology.



Brain hacking tip to improve productivity by using reverse psychology 

Here is how the method works and it can be explained with one sentence "Limit your work time to create an urgency in your mind to do more".


This idea came to me while I was jogging and pondering how you can get work done more efficiently and less "frustrating manner".


And the solution that came into my mind was super simple...


Reverse your "today I must work at least 6 hours" thought pattern with "today I can work only 6 hours" and use a clock to track your allowed total daily work time.


How the change in your thought pattern could or will help you? Firstly, you have to try it out to know, because I can just talk about my own experience and how marvelously it worked for me.



Why limiting your allowed time to work can be motivational?

I started by allowing myself to work only one hour in a day. After I spent that "one allowed work hour" I restricted and denied myself to do work in that particular day. This created an urgency to do and tackle my daily goals super fast and my mind was saying basically "how I can cope with all that stuff which I have to do and get those done in time".


Of course I couldn't achieve all my daily goals in a such short time, and that was actually super motivational. Because it did leave "hunger to do more work" thought into my mind. Actually it is really hard to be and do nothing, while your mind is fired up and in working mode. If you don't believe me, try it out yourself.


Before I went to sleep on that day, I planned that I would allow myself to work two hours in total on the next day. That's because I wasn't satisfied, what I could achieve in one hour and wanted to do more. So, even I was unsatisfied, it was HUGE motivational boost to do more on the next day.


By this simple reverse psychology method, I have learned to work about 8-10 hours daily. Nowadays, if I have to work 10 hours today to tackle my daily goals, it's no problem! In the past, that would have been almost impossible for me to do.


If you have problems to motivate yourself, I recommend to try this. It might be just right approach for you.


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