What Are Positive Words | Meaning of Positivity

Positive words are words or phrases that convey a positive meaning or connotation. They are words that evoke feelings of happiness, joy, gratitude, appreciation, and hope.

Positive words can be used to describe people, events, experiences, or even abstract concepts, and they have the power to change the tone and atmosphere of a conversation or written piece.

Positive words differ from negative words in that they promote a sense of optimism and well-being, rather than fostering negative emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness.

While negative words can be useful in certain contexts, such as warning others of danger or expressing dissatisfaction, positive words are generally preferred in most forms of communication because they create a more positive and supportive environment and feelings.


What Is a Positive Word?

You can consider a word to be positive when it has at least one positive definition and it is used to convey a positive message or feeling.

Let us take the word 'money' for example. For some, 'money' is only a negative word and for others, it is positive or both.

Why we can define money as a positive word then? Because, you can use money to do good. Because money is a simple, secure and balanced way for you to trade and change goods and services. Because money is a resource and it's beneficial to have resources - like food, energy, knowledge and the like.

Those were few examples which show us, that the word money has positive qualities and aspects. Thus, money is considered to be positive and therefore included in the list of positive words.


Words With Positive Meaning: Defining Positivity

While words "positivity" and "positive" are often used interchangeably, they have distinct meanings. To understand better what are words with positive meaning, we shall first look what is positivity.

Positivity is a conscious choice to approach life with a hopeful, optimistic mindset, emphasizing the positive aspects of experiences and outcomes, and embracing resilience in the face of challenges.

In other words, positivity is a noun that describes a mindset or attitude that focuses on the good, the positive aspects of life, and the belief that good things can happen. It is an active choice to see the world in a brighter and more optimistic light.

Ok, now then...

What is positive meaning? Positive is an adjective that describes something that is good, favorable, or beneficial. It can also refer to something that is realistic or practical.

So, positive is a beneficial quality or characteristic of something, while positivity is a way of thinking or behaving.


When the Word Is Considered to Be Positive?

The word can be considered to be positive, when it has at least one positive definition which includes:

  1. Positive emotions like love, joy, happiness, dedication, motivation, enthusiasm, inspiration, patience, calmness, empathy, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, hope, satisfaction, contentment and security etc.
  2. Positive characteristics like beauty, intelligence, honesty, knowledge, activeness, maneuverability, accessibility, productivity, improvement, betterment, protection, an increase of something (in scope, size, level, rank, quantity, movement etc.).
  3. Life enabling qualities like fertility, sexuality, health, vitality, energy, nutrition, light, evolution, freshness, and youth.
  4. Life improving qualities like freedom, fitness

(This simple positive word/definition classification is developed by me, and I'm trying to get financial backing, so I could create a proper scientific classification for positive words!)

Examples of positive words include:

  • Happy
  • Joyful
  • Grateful
  • Appreciative
  • Hopeful
  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Passionate
  • Courageous
  • Resilient
  • Resourceful
  • Beautiful
  • Wonderful
  • Amazing
  • Fantastic
  • Superb
  • Excellent


Final Thoughts on the Impact of Positive Words

Positive words have the power to motivate us, encourage us, and provide us with hope when we feel like giving up. They can be used to remind us of our potential and give us the strength to overcome our obstacles.

With the help of positive words, we can focus on the good moments in life and not let the negative ones bring us down. Positive words are essential for creating a healthy mindset and maintaining mental wellbeing, it is a good to practice use them with real intent and more often. 

Positive words are also powerful and easy resource for crafting better messages, wishes, greetings, emails, word art, handicraft or creative school projects. By using more positive words, you can improve your writing skills, make your messages more impactful and spread the goodwill in the circle of your contacts.

The sooner you'll start practicing using more positive words in your life the better. You'll become more mindful, better writer, bring faster results for yourself and motivate people around you. 

The key to use positive words correctly is the intent, because when you try forcefully become more positive without real intent, the positivity tends to become toxic positivity and can make you just more miserable.

Start now and be more mindful what you write and utter into the our beautiful and vibrant World.


ps. In the Dictionary of Positivity and Positive Words blog, you only find positive definitions of the words. In this way, the book and blog serves you and its purpose billion times better - by being clutter-free and therefore easier to browse.

If you are looking to have a list of all words, you can get an excellent regular dictionary like the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th edition.