Sex Positivity

Sex, is the word that raises many feelings and opinions - some negative some positive - and that's great! Personally I believe, sex to be an extremely positive word and I'll try to explain why it is so in my opinion.


Why sex is a positive word?

Why is the word sex considered to be a positive word? here is many reasons for that. 

Sex is positive:

1. Because without sex, there wouldn't be much life on Earth. Without sex you, me, humankind or animal kingdom wouldn't exist.

2. Because it is a natural creative force, that brings life into existence.

3. Because it is a progressive and developing force, which creates diversity.

4. Because it feels goods and gives pleasure. Sex releases endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin.

5. Because it can make you happy.

6. Because it is good for the mind and the body.

7. Because it can alleviate anxiety and stress.


What is the definition of sex-positive?

Sex-positive definition and meaning: having or promoting an open, tolerant, progressive or respectful attitude towards sex and sexuality.


What it means to be sexually positive?

To be sexually positive, is to be confident about your own sexuality and open about it. So, being sexually positive is not about having more or less sex. It is more about having a respectful attitude towards sex and sexuality of yourself and others.