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Positive verbs that start with O "Letter O action words"



Oblige to do a favor or service for; to please; to gratify; to attach or bind.
Observe to watch attentively or carefully; notice; remark; to celebrate or keep; show respect towards.
Obtain to succeed in gaining something of as the result of endeavor or planning; to be accepted; established or customary; to keep; to possess; to prevail.


Occasion to bring about or cause something.
Occur to take place or happen; to offer or present itself; to come into mind.


Offer to present for rejection or acceptance; make accessible or available; provide.
Officer to manage or command as an officer.


Oil o coat, impregnate or lubricate (especially with oil); to administer an ointment or oil to.


OK  to agree to or approve of; authorize.
Okay same as OK.


Ooze to flow, progress or leak slowly; exude; to give off.


Open to give access; make possible to passage through; to remove or undo the cover, lid or fastening; to be unfolded or unfold; to start or get going; to begin; to become or make formally ready for business, customers or visitors; make more widely known or available; make more sympathetic or receptive (especially to new ideas); become more confiding or communicative; clear.
Operate to perform or work; to produce a proper or desired effect; manage.
Optate to choose; to desire; to wish for.



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Order to arrange; request to be made, served or supplied.
Organize to arrange in an orderly manner; to cause to have a coherent, functional or orderly structure; to prepare and/or make arrangements (especially for an event or activity); to coordinate the activities or event efficiently; to establish or start as an organization.
Orient to familiarize with new circumstances, surroundings or the like; to guide in a specified direction; to bring into or adjust with relation to circumstance, facts, surroundings etc.; to provide with primary focus or purpose of attention.
Originate to give a beginning or an origin to; to bring into existence; start; create.


Oscillate to move back and forth with a steady uninterrupted rhythm.
Osculate to kiss; to touch; to make contact; to come together.


Outbrave to defy or stand out courageously; to be more courageous or brave than; to surpass or excel in audacity, comeliness or magnificence.
Outclass to do or be much better than someone or something.
Outshine to be brighter, beautiful or splendid than; to surpass something or someone in something.


Overjoy to give or fill with great delight, joy or pleasure.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with o and positive nouns starting with o.


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