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Positive nouns that start with O "Letter O naming Words"


Objective a goal intended to be attained or worked toward; something that actually is real or exists.


Offer something offered; an attempt.

Officer one who holds a public office or authority.

Official one who holds a position or office.

Offspring a child; origin; family; descent; a result; a product.


OK agreement; approval.

Okay same as OK.


Olympian one who is far superior to all others.


One a single thing or person; unity.


Oodles abundance; a large quantity, number or amount.

Oomph the activeness and spirited vigor of an energetic personality; passion.

Ooze the act of oozing or seeping; soft flow.


Operator one who operates something; the manager or owner or a business or enterprise.

Opportunity an advantageous or favorable circumstance; earnestness.

Optimist one who believes or expects a favorable outcome.

Optimum the most favorable circumstance, condition, degree or amount.


Orchestrator one who orchestrates or arranges.

Organizer one who organizes, arranges and brings order (especially to an events).

Original an authentic work; a person of marked eccentricity, uniqueness or originality.

Originator one who creates, founds or originates something.

Ornamental an adornment, embellishment or accessory.

Overflowing superabundance; surplus.

Overseer one who directs, keeps watch over the work of others.


Owner one who owns something; possessor.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with o and positive verbs starting with o.


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