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Positive nouns that start with N "Letter N naming words"


Nabit pulverized sugar candy.
Narration the act of telling; recital; story.
one who narrates.
Nascency beginning; origin; birth.
Natation the skill or act of floating or swimming on the water.
National a citizen of a nation; a contest involving participants from all parts of a nation.
Native someone or something which is native to a place. 
Natural something or someone having all qualifications for success; one suited by nature for a certain function or purpose.

Negoce business; employment; occupation.
Neighbor a person living on nearby or adjacent location.
Neonate recently born baby.
Neoteric a modern.
Nestling a young child; a young bird.
Newborn a recently born baby or thing.

Nicety a refined, good or elegant feature; precision.
Nimblewit a clever, bright and alert person.
Nipper a satirist; a young person or child.
Nirvana state of paradise; a blissful state.

Noble a member of nobility; a nobleman.
Nobleman an aristocrat; a peer; a noble.
Nod an indication of assent or approval.
Nonpareil a thing or person that has no equal.
Noon the highest point (the zenith); midday.
Notable a person or thing of great reputation or distinction.
Note a brief written record; an explanation or a comment; the sign of a particular emotion or quality; importance; need.
Notice the act of paying attention or noticing.
Novel a printed book that is an extended work of fiction.
Now the present moment or time.

Nudge a gentle push or touch.
Nurse one that serves as a fostering or nurturing means or influence.
Nursling a carefully nurtured and treated person or thing; an infant or child; a fondling.
Nurture that which nourishes; instruction; training; education; breeding.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with n and positive verbs starting with n.


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