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Positive verbs that start with N "Letter N action words"



Nab to catch unexpectedly or suddenly.
Nap to sleep for a short period (especially to relax and gain some mental strength during the day); to put or raise a nap on (fabric or leather).
Naturalize to make natural; to adopt or receive as natural or native; to adapt; to accustom; to habituate.
Navigate to determine or know a migratory course; to direct and plan the course of a vehicle or vessel; to sail on or over; to direct, steer or manage (especially in sailing); to guide someone; travel through difficulties (especially with determination and success).



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Necessitate to make indispensable or necessary.
Nectarize to infuse or mingle with nectar; to sweeten.
Neighbor to live or be located adjacent or near.
Nestle to settle comfortably and snuggly; to house; to take shelter or lie in a sheltered position; to cuddle and fondle closely; to cherish.
Netify to clean; to put in order.
Neven to mention, name or utter.
New to renew or make new.
Newfangle to make newfangled.


Nictate to wink.


Nod to agree; to lower and raise head.
Nominate to name, call, entitle or state (especially as a candidate to some honorary position or role).
Noon to take refreshment and rest at noon.
Note notice; to observe; write down; to make mention of.
Notice to perceive or detect; to comment on; mention.
Nourish feed, support or maintain; to keep alive; to comfort; to cherish.


Nucleate to bring together; to form a nucleus.
Nudge to push or touch gently in order to give signal or gain attention.
Nurse to tend, treat, guide or manage carefully; to feed.
Nurture feed; to nourish; train or educate; to help grow.
Nuzzle to touch something or someone gently with the nose; to nestle; arrange or move oneself in a cozy and comfortable position.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with n and positive nouns starting with n.


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