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Positive verbs that start with M "Letter M action words"



Magnify to praise of glorify; to exaggerate; enlarge; to increase or amplify.
Maintain to keep up; to support; to affirm.
Make create; bring about; to prepare; to carry out; perform; to achieve, attain or produce.
Manage to control or direct; to succeed or achieve with skill.
Marvel to feel, express or cause amazement, astonishment or wonder.
Massage to manipulate and refine (especially data) to make it more convenient to work with or presentable; to coddle; to give or treat by means of a massage.
Master to overcome the difficulties successfully; to become master, expert or highly skilled.
Mastermind to plan, direct or supervise.
Mate to unite, join or pair; to become joined in a romantic relationship or marriage; to win (especially in chess).
Matter to find or be important; to signify; to care for.
Mature to develop fully; reach maturity; to ripen; fully perfected and considered.


Medal to award, honor or reward with a medal; to win a medal.
Mediate to convey or effect as an intermediate mechanism or agent; to bring about; to resolve or settle differences.
Medicine to treat medicinally or give medicine to; to cure or remedy.
Meditate to reflect on; to contemplate; to think seriously; to intend.
Meed to reward, merit or deserve.
Mellow to soften or relax.
Mentor to serve as trusted teacher, guide or counselor.
Merit to deserve or earn; to be worthy.


Mind to regard as important or with attention; to pay attention; to suggest or remind someone to do or take care something.
Mingle to associate or come into contact; to combine or mix.
Mint to attempt or try; to invent; to produce (especially of money).
Mirror to duplicate, copy or have a close resemblance to; to reflect.
Mitigate to moderate or lessen in intensity or force; alleviate.


Model plan, create or construct a model of.
Monitor to watch, guard, observe or check; to direct or supervise.
More to increase.
Motivate to encourage; give or provide an incentive for action.
Motor travel or drive around in a motorized vehicle (especially leisurely); to move or run as fast as possible.



To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. Tony Dorsett TWEET THIS



To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. Tony Dorsett

Muscle to force, make progress or move with strength.
Muse to say or consider thoughtfully; to wonder; to meditate.
Musk to perfume with musk or scent of musk.
Must to be required or obliged (especially by custom, law or morality); used to indicate certainty or logical probability.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with m and positive nouns starting with m.


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