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Positive verbs that start with L "Letter L action words"



Lark to engage in harmless and merry pranks or carefree adventure.
Laugh to express or feel amusement, mirth or delight.
Lavish excessive; very abundant; profuse.


Lead to direct, show or guide the behavior, performance or activities of; to go through or pass; to be first.
Learn  to gain knowledge; to be studying or improving skills; to find out or become informed of.
Legitimate to make lawful; authorize.
Legitimize to make legal or legitimate.
Level to direct emphatically toward someone; to be honest or frank with someone; equalize.



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Liberate to free or release; grant freedom or rights to.
Light to animate or enliven; to signal; illuminate; to kindle, ignite or give out light; to fill, provide or cover with light.
Lighten brighten; illuminate; to make lighter or light; to alleviate; gladden; to become more cheerful.
Like to be pleased; to be fond of; to approve; to compare.
Limber to make pliant or flexible.
Lionize to treat or regard as important person or object.
Lithe to become calm, soft or mild; to listen to; attend.
Live to be alive; to reside; enjoy life.


Long to have a heartfelt and earnest desire.
Look to search, examine or inspect; attempt to find; watch in a given direction with attention; attend; give the impression or have the appearance of being; appear one’s healthy self; expect or hope to do something; make sure or take care.
Lord to act like a Lord; make a lord of someone or confer the title of Lord upon.
Love be in love or enamored with; have a great liking or affection for; to feel or show caring, concern or kindness to; to caress or embrace; the thrive on; to feel devotion to; get pleasure or delight.


Luminate to illuminate.
Lust have a great and passionate desire for.
Luster to give gloss, glaze, radiance, glory or luster.
Lustre same as LUSTER.
Luxuriate thrive or grow profusely; enjoy to excess.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with l and positive nouns starting with l.


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Daphne Hills

Amazing vocabulary definitely helped me out!

December 18, 2023 at 08:35am

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