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Positive verbs that start with K "Letter K action words"



Keen to sharpen.
Keep to retain or have possession of; to provide with support and maintenance; to maintain for service or use; to save or reserve; to celebrate; to observe; to remain unspoiled or fresh; to fulfill or be faithful to.
Key adjust or adapt to; harmonize with; to operate; to enter.



Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart. Anthony J. D'Angelo TWEET THIS



Kick break or get out of a bad habit or addiction; make a goal.
Kindle to build or set a fire; to ignite or light up; to become bright; to glow; to call forth or arouse (especially emotions and feelings).
King to crown or raise to royalty.
Kiss to touch with lips as a mark of affection, caring or forgiveness; to touch lightly or gently.


Knead to squeeze or massage with the hands; to make or shape something by kneading flour or clay (especially bread or pottery).
Knight to promote or raise to a knighthood.
Knit to unite securely or join closely; to combine various elements (especially fabric, yarn or thread); to make a garment or fabric by knitting; to grow together; to connect; to engage.
Knock to impress strongly; to astonish; to move to applause or admiration; to make light repeated taps on a surface (especially on door to see if anyone is home).
Knot to fasten with or form knots or a knot; make something tangles (especially hair); to unite closely
Know to understand or be aware of something with certainty; to possess information, knowledge, understanding or experience; to recognize.


Kudos to praise; to glorify; to extol n. praise; glory; renown; an expression of approval.


Kvell feel proud and happy; feel delighted.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with k and positive nouns starting with k.


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