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Positive nouns that start with K "Letter K naming Words"



Kahuna a shaman or wise man (especially in Hawaii); priest; magician; the person in charge or important person; a large wave (especially in surfing).


Keeper a warden; a guard; an attendant; one who maintains or holds possession; a thing or person worth keeping.

Key anything crucial; something or someone that provides access to or understanding of.


Kindred relatives or relationship by birth, descent, marriage, kinship or community.

Kingpin the most important and influential person in a group.

Kiss the act of kissing something or someone; a caress, touch or embrace with the lips; a gentle, slight or light touch; a small chocolate candy shaped as if someone had kissed the top.


Knight  defender; a champion of a lady; a warrior; noble person.

Know-how practical skill or knowledge required to do something correctly or successfully; expertise.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with k and positive verbs starting with k.


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