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Positive nouns that start with L "Letter L naming words"

Positive nouns that start with L


Lady a well-mannered, virtuous and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior; a polite term referring or address to woman.
Lark a merry time; a frolic; a jovial prank.
Lasting endurance; continuance.
Latitudinarian one who is tolerant and broad-minded.
Laugh fun; amusement; laughter.
Laureate one who has been presented and honored with an award for some distinguished achievement.

Lead leadership; command; potential opportunity for a transaction or sale.
Leader one that guides, commands or leads; one who is in charge.
Learning the process, act or experience of gaining knowledge or skill. 
Legatee one who inherits a legacy.
Legator a testator or donor.
Legend one that achieves legendary fame or inspires others greatly; important, popular historical person, story or object; a helpful and nice person.
Legislator one who creates or enacts laws; a lawgiver.
Leisure freedom from duties, responsibilities or activities; vacant time; time available for relaxation. 

Liberation the act of liberating something or someone.
Libertarian one who supports and believes in free will.
Lieutenant one who holds an office (usually in military); rank below a commander or captain.
Life vitality or liveliness; nature; the period during which someone or something is alive.
Light illumination; spiritual awareness; dawn; daybreak; brightness; a source of light.
Like a similar, same or equal kind.
Liking a feeling of love, pleasure, enjoyment or attraction; fondness; a state of being pleasing or pleased with.
Lionheart a brave and courageous heroic person.
Literate a literary and/or educated person.

Lord an owner or master; a titled nobleman; ruler.
Love affection; caring attraction towards someone; a feeling of adoration or devotion; a strong enthusiasm or predilection; a sexual desire, act or activity.
Lover a person who deeply loves something.

Luck success by chance; good fortune.
Lust intense and/or passionate desire.
Luster a decorative object; splendor; glitter; brilliancy.
Luxury something expensive and really fine.


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