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Positive nouns that start with L "Letter L naming words"


Lady a well-mannered, virtuous and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior; a polite term referring or address to woman.
Lark a merry time; a frolic; a jovial prank.
Lasting endurance; continuance.
Latitudinarian one who is tolerant and broad-minded.
Laugh fun; amusement; laughter.
Laureate one who has been presented and honored with an award for some distinguished achievement.

Lead leadership; command; potential opportunity for a transaction or sale.
Leader one that guides, commands or leads; one who is in charge.
Learning the process, act or experience of gaining knowledge or skill. 
Legatee one who inherits a legacy.
Legator a testator or donor.
Legend one that achieves legendary fame or inspires others greatly; important, popular historical person, story or object; a helpful and nice person.
Legislator one who creates or enacts laws; a lawgiver.
Leisure freedom from duties, responsibilities or activities; vacant time; time available for relaxation. 

Liberation the act of liberating something or someone.
Libertarian one who supports and believes in free will.
Liberty the state of being free from restrictive or oppressive rules, right or policies, confinement, servitude or forced labor; freedom; free from domination.

liberty definition

Lieutenant one who holds an office (usually in military); rank below a commander or captain.
Life vitality or liveliness; nature; the period during which someone or something is alive.
Light illumination; spiritual awareness; dawn; daybreak; brightness; a source of light.
Like a similar, same or equal kind.
Liking a feeling of love, pleasure, enjoyment or attraction; fondness; a state of being pleasing or pleased with.
Lingerie women's undergarments, nightclothes or sleepwear designed usually to be visually or sexually alluring.
Lionheart a brave and courageous heroic person.
Literate a literary and/or educated person.

Lord an owner or master; a titled nobleman; ruler.
Love affection; caring attraction towards someone; a feeling of adoration or devotion; a strong enthusiasm or predilection; a sexual desire, act or activity.
Lover a person who deeply loves something.

Luck success by chance; good fortune.
Lust intense and/or passionate desire.
Luster a decorative object; splendor; glitter; brilliancy.
Luxury something expensive and really fine.


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