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Love words "positive words to describe love"

What is love? Haddaway asked in his most famous song.

I'm sure everyone have their own opinions and picture in mind what the love is.

That is the reason why I'm not gonna try to answer that question. you fill find a lovely list of "love words" that are often associated with and can be used to describe love.






Adoration a feeling of profound admiration, regard or love; the act of admiration or worship.
Affection a fondness or tender feeling toward another; love; emotion or feeling.
Amore love or feeling of great affection.
Amour affection or love; friendship.
Ardor a feeling of great eagerness or love; strong devotion, enthusiasm or passion; zeal.
Attachment sympathy, fondness or affection for something or someone; a bond.


Care to have or feel liking or attachment.
Caring exhibiting and feeling concern and empathy for others; a loving feeling.
Cherish to treat with tenderness and affection; to hold dear; to protect and aid; to embrace with interest; to indulge; to encourage.
Compassion a deep sympathy for or awareness of another's suffering with the wish to relieve it.
Court to try to gain the affections or love of (especially to seek to marry); to engage in courtship.


Desire to wish or want; passion; romantic affection and/or appetite.
Devotion ardent dedication and affection to a person or principle.
Doting characterized by giving affection and love; adoring; extreme fondness.


Endearment the state of being endeared or act of endearing; love; tender affection.


Family a social unit who share goals and values; a group who share common ancestry; a class.
Fondness warm and positive feeling of liking or affection; a strong preference or inclination.
Friendliness the quality or condition of being friendly; good will; affability.
Friendship the condition or quality of being friends; a friendly attitude or feeling; help or kindness given to someone; good will; friendliness.


Happiness the emotion, quality or state of being happy; joy; a satisfying or pleasurable experience; good fortune or luck; prosperity; fortuitous elegance.
Heart love; affection; positive feeling; compassion; courage; spirit; enthusiasm; real intention.
Hug(s) a close fond and affectionate embrace.


Intimacy lose and/or warm association, friendship or familiarity.


Joy the feeling of ecstatic or exultant happiness; that which causes happiness or joy.


Kindness the quality or state of being kind, friendly, gentle, generous and/or considerate; a kind act or act of good will; liking; favor.
Kiss the act of kissing something or someone; a caress, touch or embrace with the lips; a gentle, slight or light touch.


Liking a feeling of love, pleasure, enjoyment or attraction; fondness; a state of being pleasing or pleased with.
Lust intense and/or passionate desire.


Passion a powerful or enthusiastic emotion or feeling; an object of great affection or devotion.


Respect the act of showing appreciation or high regard; a feeling of deep admiration for something or someone that is good, important, valuable etc.; the state of being regarded with esteem or honor; polite greeting or expression of consideration.
Romance an emotional feeling of excitement associated with love; a strong enthusiasm or fascination for something; a fascinating or mysterious appeal or quality, as of something strangely beautiful, adventurous or heroic.


Solicitude the state or quality of being solicitous; earnest attentive care or concern about someone’s health, happiness, feelings etc.


Tenderness a tendency to express compassionate, positive and warm feelings; concern for the welfare and feelings of others; the state or quality of being tender.
Trust confidence or belief that someone or something is reliable, effective, honest, good etc.; trustworthiness; reliability; hope.


Warmth kindness; affection; friendliness; excitement as of passion or love; fervor; earnestness.
Worship adoration; ardent devotion; the condition or state of being worthy.



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Angel lovable and kind person; one who manifests purity, beauty, goodness and selflessness; a divine guardian spirit.
Apple of one's eye the favorite object of a person's affection and/or love.


Babe dear; sweetheart.
Baby sweetheart; dear.
Beloved one who is very dear or greatly loved.
Best girl one's sweetheart or girlfriend.


Candy something or someone that is pleasurable and/or pleasing; sweetheart.


Darling dearly beloved; a favorite.
Dear one that is much loved; a very lovable, endearing or kind person.
Dear one same as DEAR.
Dearest most cherished or loved; a beloved person (especially as terms of endearment).
Dearie a special loved one or person who is dear; sweetie.
Deary same as DEARIE.


Favorite preferred above all others; one that enjoys special regard, liking or favor.
Flame a someone or something beloved; intense passion.


Gem a highly regarded, prized or beloved person.
Gill one’s sweetheart; young woman.


Heart's desire a thing or person that one greatly wishes for or wants most.
Heartthrob a sweetheart; beautiful or handsome famous person; tender emotion.
Honey sweetheart; dear; sweet substance; sweetness; pleasantness; something really fine, delicious and/or good.
Honey pie sweetie; darling; honey.
Honeybunch darling; honey.


Jewel precious; anything of rare excellence or great value.


Lass a sweetheart; young woman; girl.
Lassie same as LASS.
Light of my life a much loved person; person with special importance to you.


One and only one’s only fiancé, beloved or sweetheart; unique; special; incomparable.


Partner a spouse; one that is associated or united with others in an activity or common interest.
Peach a particularly attractive, admirable or pleasing person or thing.
Pet a person especially indulged, cherished or loved; an object of the affection; a favorite.
Precious one who is beloved or dear; a darling.
Prince a very admirable, attractive, charismatic and/or decent person; a nobleman of varying rank or status; a male ruler; a sovereign.
Princess a woman regarded as having the characteristics, qualities or status of a princess; an elegant or fashionable young woman; a female member of a royal family (especially a daughter of a monarch); a queen; a noblewoman of varying rank or status.


Significant other a person that you have a romantic relationship with; one who is especially affective and/or important to one’s well-being.
Soul mate one who is ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner; someone with whom one has a special or seemingly familiar connection.
Steady one who is loved by another person; the person whom one dates exclusively and regularly.
Sugar a sweetheart (especially used as a term of endearment).
Swain a sweetheart or lover; a knight’s servant; a squire.
Sweet a sweetheart, dear or beloved; that which is pleasant or sweet to the senses; sweetness.
Sweetheart one who is liked or loved very much.
Sweetie a sweetheart or dear.


Treasure one considered especially valuable, precious and/or important.
Truelove one’s beloved; the form of romantic affection that is considered positive, honest and pure.


Valentine a sweetheart (especially chosen on Saint Valentine’s Day); gift or expression of affection given or sent as a token of love on St. Valentine’s Day.


Wooer one who solicits or courts in love; a suitor; a match maker.


All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Leo Tolstoy


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