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Valentine’s Day words | A to Z vocabulary

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express your love and affection to your significant other.

Whether you're planning a romantic evening, a thoughtful gesture, or a heartfelt message, the right words can make all the difference.

To help inspire you, Ive compiled a list of positive words that will help you convey your love in the most special way possible. So take a look of this Valentine’s Day word vocabulary list and let the words flow, and make this Valentine's Day one to remember!


Words of Valentine's Day | Vocabulary 

List of Valentine’s Day related words and words to describe Valentine’s Day from A to Z.


Valentine’s Day Words Starting With A

Affection: A tender and warm feeling toward someone or something.

Admiration: A feeling of respect and approval for someone or something, often accompanied by a sense of wonder or delight.

Adoration: A feeling of deep admiration and love.

Allure: An irresistible attractive power or charm.

Amour: Romantic love; sweetheart.

Ardor: Intense and passionate feeling.

Attraction: A strong feeling of being drawn to someone or something.


Valentine’s Day Words Starting With B

Betrothed: Formally engaged to be married, or having a promise or agreement to marry someone.

Bliss: Perfect happiness or great joy.

Blow kiss: A gesture of affection in which one person blows a kiss to another, often as a way of saying "I love you" or "goodbye."

Bonding: Forming an emotional connection with someone.

Bouquet: A collection of flowers, often given as a gift, particularly to express love or congratulations.

Bow and arrow: Used to express love, affection and attraction.

Box of chocolates: A gift box filled with various types of chocolates, often given as a present on Valentine's Day.


Valentine’s Day Words Starting With C

Cake: A sweet baked dessert, often used to celebrate special occasions such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Candlelight: The soft, warm light produced by a candle, often used to create a romantic or intimate atmosphere.

Candy: A sweet treat made from sugar or chocolate (common gift to give on Valentine's Day).

Candy hearts: Small, heart-shaped candy with romantic or friendly messages printed on them.

Cards: Tokens of love exchanged during Valentines Day.

Cherish: To hold someone or something close to one.

Chivalry: The qualities of honor, courteous behavior, and gallantry, traditionally associated with medieval knights, which can be shown by men towards women.

Celebration: A special enjoyable event that marks a particular occasion.

Companion: A person or thing that accompanies or is in the company of another.

Cookies: Small, sweet baked goods that are often made from flour, sugar, and butter.

Couple: Two people who are in a romantic relationship.

Courtship: The period of time during which two people get to know each other and decide whether to enter into a romantic relationship.

Crush: A strong feeling of infatuation or admiration for someone, often experienced during adolescence or teen years.

Cupid: The Roman god of love who is often portrayed as a winged boy with a bow and arrow.


Valentine’s Day words starting with D

Dance: A physical activity in which people move their bodies rhythmically to music, often as a form of expression or celebration.

Date: social or romantic appointment or engagement.

Date night: An evening set aside for a romantic outing or activity with a partner.

Dear: A term of endearment used to address someone, particularly a loved one.

Decorations: Objects or elements used to enhance the appearance or atmosphere of a place, such as flowers, balloons, or lights.

Devotion: Feeling of profound love and loyalty towards someone.

Diamond: A precious gemstone consisting of a clear, colorless mineral called carbon, often used in jewelry.

Dinner: A meal eaten in the evening, typically the main meal of the day.


Valentine’s Day words starting with E

Embrace: To hold someone close with one's arms, often as a gesture of love, affection, or comfort.

Emotion: A feeling or mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort, such as love or happiness.

Enchantment: A feeling of being captivated by beauty or charm.

Endearment: Showing fondness and affection towards someone.

Engagement: A formal agreement to marry, or a period of time between the agreement and the marriage ceremony.

Envelope: A folded paper container used to hold a letter or card, often sealed with adhesive to protect the contents.

Expression: A way of communicating one's thoughts, feelings, or ideas, often through spoken or written language, gestures, or art.


Valentine’s Day words starting with F

Family: A group of people who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption and who live together or consider themselves to be a unit.

February 14th: The 14th day of the second month of the year, also known as Valentine's Day.

Flirt: To behave in a way that suggests a romantic or sexual interest in someone.

Flowers: Traditional gifts exchanged on Valentines Day.

Forever: Lasting for all eternity; eternal.

Fondness: A strong feeling of fondness and attachment to something.

Friends: A person whom one knows, likes and trusts, someone who is not a family member but with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.


Valentine’s Day words starting with G

Gentleman: A polite and considerate man, who behaves in a chivalrous and respectful way towards women.

Gift: An item presented

Glitter: Small, shiny pieces of material, often used as a decorative accent, that add sparkle and glamour.

Greeting card: A card sent or given to convey a message of goodwill or affection, often given as a gift on Valentine's Day.


Valentine’s Day words starting with H

Handsome: Attractive and well-formed, particularly in reference to a man's physical appearance.

Happiness: A feeling of contentment and joy.

Hearts: Traditional symbols of love used on Valentines Day.

Holiday: A day of celebration or a period of time set aside for rest and enjoyment, often marked by religious or cultural significance.

Honey: A sweetheart or an attractive woman; a sweet, golden-colored liquid made by bees from nectar, often used as a sweetener or flavoring in cooking and baking.

Hugs: A physical gesture of affection in which one person wraps their arms around another, often as a way of expressing love or comfort.


Valentine’s Day words starting with I

In love: Having strong feelings of affection and attachment towards someone, often characterized by a desire to be close and spend time together.

Intimacy: A close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person.


Valentine’s Day words starting with J

Jewelry: Decorative ornaments, such as rings, bracelets, or necklaces, that are worn for personal adornment.


Valentine’s Day words starting with K

Kiss: A touch with the lips as an expression of love, greeting, admiration, or reverence.

Kindness: Friendliness, generosity, and consideration towards others.


Valentine’s Day words starting with L

Lace: Delicate, intricately woven fabric, often used to create romantic or elegant clothing and accessories.

Longing: A strong feeling of desire or regretful yearning.

Love: A strong feeling

Love letter: A written expression of love, affection, or admiration, typically sent to a romantic partner.

Lovebirds: Romantically involved and openly affectionate couple.

Lovers: Two people who are romantically involved with each other, often used as a term of endearment.

Lust: A strong feeling of sexual desire.


Valentine’s Day words starting with M

Memories: Mental images of past experiences.

Music: A form of art that uses sound and rhythm to express emotions, create atmosphere, and tell stories.

Mystery: Something strange and mysterious.


Valentine’s Day words starting with N

Nice: Kind, thoughtful, and considerate; pleasant and agreeable.

Nighttime: The period of each day between sunset and sunrise, when it is dark outside.

Note: A short message or piece of information, often written down.


Valentine’s Day words starting with O

Offer: A proposal or suggestion, often involving a sale or exchange of goods or services.

Only one: The singular and unique individual or item in question.

Optimistic: Having a positive attitude and believing that good things will happen soon or in the future.


Valentine’s Day words starting with P

Pantyhose: A type of sheer, close-fitting hosiery that covers the legs and waist, often worn by women as a fashion accessory.

Party: A social gathering for entertainment and celebration, often with food and music.

Passion: A strong emotion, typically associated with love.

Perfume: A fragrant liquid, often worn as a personal fragrance, used to enhance one's personal scent or to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Pink: A pale red color, often associated with feelings of love, warmth, and tenderness.

Poetry: Writing that expresses emotion in a rhythmic way.

Pretty: Pleasing or attractive in looks or appearance.

Promise: A statement of intent or commitment to do or not do something, often given as a sign of loyalty or affection.


Valentine’s Day words starting with Q

Quality time: Time spent with a loved one, focusing on building a connection and enjoying each other's company.

Queen: A woman who is highly respected and admired.

Quotes: Expressions used to convey an idea or sentiment.


Valentine’s Day words starting with R

Red: A warm, vibrant color that is often associated with passion, love, and energy.

Relationships: The connection between two or more people.

Ribbons: Thin, decorative strips of fabric or paper, often used to tie or adorn gifts or decorations.

Ring: A small, circular band worn on a finger, often as a symbol of love or commitment.

Romance: A feeling of excitement and mystery.

Rose petals: The delicate, fragrant petals that fall from a rose, often used in romantic gestures or decorations.

Roses: A type of flower that is often associated with love and romance, particularly red roses.


Valentine’s Day words starting with S

Secret admirer: A person who expresses admiration for someone without revealing their identity, often through anonymous gestures or messages.

Serenade: A musical performance, usually outdoors, usually by one person singing or playing an instrument, given as a tribute to someone, especially a loved one.

Silk: A smooth, soft, and lustrous fabric, often used to make elegant clothing or luxurious bedding.

Smile: A facial expression in which the corners of the mouth are turned up, often used to indicate pleasure, affection, or amusement.

Smitten: Deeply infatuated or captivated by someone, often used to indicate a strong romantic attraction.

Snuggle: To cuddle or hold someone close, often in a cozy or affectionate manner.

Song: A short piece of music, often with words, that is meant to be sung.

Soulmates: Two people who are deeply connected and meant to be together, often considered to be a perfect match.

Special: Unique and worthy of attention, particularly in reference to someone or something cherished and valued.

Star-crossed: A term used to describe a couple whose relationship is destined by fate or circumstance, often used in a romantic context.

St. Valentine: 3rd century Christian martyr, traditionally associated with courtly love and romantic relationships, whose feast day is celebrated on February 14th.

Suit: Clothing worn for formal occasions or as a professional attire, typically consisting of a jacket and pants/skirt made from the same material, often worn by men.

Sweetheart: A person who is endearingly cherished

Swoon: To faint or become dizzy, often as a result of strong emotion, particularly romantic attraction.

Sympathy: Thoughts or feelings of pity or sorrow for someone else’s suffering.


Valentine’s Day words starting with T

Tenderness: A gentle, affectionate feeling.

Togetherness: A state of being connected and attached to one another.

Treat: An act of kindness, a special consideration or something pleasant, often given as a gift or reward.

True love: A deep, genuine, and unshakable affection for someone, characterized by trust, loyalty, and a strong emotional connection.

Trust: The belief that someone is reliable and honest.

Tulips: A type of flower with a large, cup-shaped bloom, often associated with spring and romantic love.


Valentine’s Day words starting with U

Union: To join together in a relationship.

Unity: A state of being united as one.


Valentine’s Day words starting with V

Vase: A container, often made of glass or ceramic, used to hold flowers, particularly as a decorative accent or in a romantic setting.

Visit: To go to a place and see someone or something, often used in the context of a social call or to express affection.

Vows: Promises made to one another.


Valentine’s Day words starting with W

Warmth: A feeling of being cared for or protected.

Wishes: Desires for something good to happen.

Woo: To seek the affection or love of someone, often through courtship or romantic gestures.


Valentine’s Day words starting with Y

Yearning: A strong desire or longing for something.


Valentine’s Day words starting with Z

Zing: An element of excitement or liveliness.

Zeal: Ardent enthusiasm in pursuit of something.

Zealousness: Showing enthusiasm and eagerness towards an activity.


When the Valentine's Day is?

Valentine's Day is a special day celebrated on February 14th each year and it has been an important day for lovers since the Middle Ages.


Valentine's Day origin

The holiday has its roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which was held in mid-February to honor Juno, the goddess of women and marriage. Over time, this celebration evolved into a Christian holiday dedicated to St. Valentine, who was said to have performed secret weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

Today, Valentine's Day is celebrated as a day of love and romance. The special day is celebrated around the world with gifts, cards, and romantic gestures as a way of expressing love and affection.


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