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Positive weekday hashtags "happy hashtagging!"


Popular and positive hashtags for every day of the week.

Use them in social media, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Hashtags are excellent way to grow engagement and expose your content to new audience.




#MagicMonday - Monday is magical and full of possibilities.
#MakeupMonday - Take out your makeup bag and share anything related to makeup.
#ManCrushMonday or #MCM - Post a photo of the guy you have a crush on.
#ManicureMonday - Time for all that fabulous nail art.
#MeowMonday - For everyone who loves cats.
#MondayMorning - Celebrate a new week and new day!
#MotivatingMonday or #MotivationMonday #MotivationalMonday - Start your week with a bang and motivation!
#MusicMonday - Post your favorite tunes and melodies.




#TakeMeBackTuesday - Dust off your old photos, it's nostalgia time! (same as WaybackWednesday, ThrowbackThursday and FlashbackFriday).
#TipTuesday - Offer helpful advices and tips.
#TongueTuesday or #TongueOutTuesday - Cute photos of pets with tongue out, aww.
#TransformationTuesday - Post before and after photos and witness other people’s progress with their personal goals.
#TravelTuesday - Share something where you have been or are traveling right now.
#TuesdayTreat - It's a treat time.
#TuesdayTunes - Same as #MusicMonday, time to post something music related.




#HumpDay - You are half way there already, it's he middle of the week, so now it's just smooth slide towards weekend.
#WayBackWednesday or #WBW - Another hashtag to post blast from the past (same as TakeMeBackTuesday, ThrowbackThursday and FlashbackFriday).
#WednesdayWisdom or #WisdomWednesday - Share something insightful. Now you can be "smart-ass" with good reason and intention.
#WednesdayWorkout or #WorkoutWednesday - Jogging is jocular, time to share and show off your exercise and workout routines.
#WellnessWednesday or #WednesdayWellness - Great time show your yoga poses or anything that promotes well-being.
#WineWednesday or #WednesdayWine - Indulge with a glass of wine and share your wine experience.
#WomanCrushWednesday or #WCW Post a photo of the woman you have a crush on (same as ManCrushMonday, expect it's about women).
#WonderfulWednesady - This one is for sharing uplifting, happy, heartwarming and fuzzy moments and pictures.
#WoofWednesday or #WoofWoofWednesday - Post anything related to dogs, woof!




#ThankfulThursday - Show off gratitude and share something that you are thankful for, cheers :)
#ThirstyThursday - Drink? Hydration? Gulp!
#ThrowBackThursday or #TBT - Share a photo from your past (same as TakeMeBackTuesday, WaybackWednesday and FlashbackFriday).
#Thursdate - Going out with friends or to business meeting, lunch or something similar? Thursdate is a perfect opportunity to share about your social life.
#ThursdayFunDay - Share lighthearted, funny stuff or something related to having a good time.
#ThursdayThoughts - What's in in your mind? Share something thoughtful or inspirational.




#FactFriday or #FridayFact - Share a interesting or relevant fact.
#FilmFriday - Share a movie, tv-serie, Youtube video or something similar with your friends and followers.
#FlashBackFriday or #FBF - Same theme as ThrowbackThursday in which you post an old photo or something from the past. Extra day to do it for those who missed it!
#FlowerFriday - Flow of flowers. Appreciate plant life.
#FollowFriday or #FF - Recommend to your own followers someone who is worthy to follow and reason why your followers would be interested. Boost your relationships. Hurrah!
#FoodFriday - You are what you eat? Time to share something delicious and tasty. Yum yum om nom.
#FridayFun or #FridayFunDay - Same as ThursdayFunday and SundayFunday.
#FridayNight - Yay, it's end of the week, time to relax a little bit!
#FridayReads - Recommend books that you have enjoyed for people and bookworms.




#Caturday - Adorable cat and meow time (same as MeowMonday).
#SaturdayNight - Basically same as FridayNight.
#SaturdaySwag or #SaturdayShenanigans - Chance to show your swag or highlight products that you have bought.
#SelfieSaturday or #SaturdaySelfie - Now you have a good reason to snap a selfie and share it!
#SexySaturday - Seductive Saturday.
#SocialSaturday - It's always good and fun to socialize (same as ThursDate).




#ScienceSunday - Time to appreciate mysteries of science. BRRRAAIINSS!
#SelfieSunday #SundaySelfie #SS - Same as SelfieSaturday, so now you have extra reason to take a selfie and share it :)
#SundayFunday - Share something funny or what you do for fun.



Happy hashtagging!


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