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Positive verbs that start with J "Letter J action words"


Jam to play music (especially by improvising).
Jape to jest, joke or quip.
Jaunce to jounce; to ride hard.
Jazz to give great excitement or pleasure to; to brighten up or enliven; make more colorful and lively.


Jest to make fun of; to speak or act playfully, amusingly or teasingly.
Jewel to decorate or adorn with something precious (usually with jewels or gems).


Jig to dance; to play a jig.
Jingle to make tinkling, fine or sharp sound; to have repetitious catchy sound or rhyme.



The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. Alan Watts TWEET THIS



Join to connect; to put together or combine more than one item to one; to merge; to meet with; to form an alliance or act together; to engage; to pa take part or participate; to become member of.
Joke to play or tell jokes; to make fun of or merry with.
Josh to make good-humored jokes or tease good-naturedly; to chaff; banter.
Joy to enjoy or give joy; to rejoice; to gladden.


Jubilate to rejoice; to exult.
Juice enliven or energize something; to moisten and sweeten.
Jump to bounce; to rise; to agree; to coincide; skip.
Justify to prove; to confirm; to treat as if just or righteous.


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