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Positive verbs that start with I "Letter I action words"



Identify to ascertain the origin or definitive characteristics of; to affiliate or associate closely with a group or person; to unite.


Illuminate to brighten or provide with light; to decorate with lights; to clarify or make understandable; to enlighten spiritually or intellectually; to endow with splendor or fame; to celebrate.
Illustrate to clarify (especially by use of examples); to make clear or apprehensible; to give honor to; to glorify.


Immerse to devote or engage deeply or fully; to involve; to submerge or dip in a liquid.
Impart to share or give a part; to make known or disclose; to hold a consultation or conference.
Implement to do; to carry out; to bring about; to accomplish; to fulfill.
Import to be significant; to signify; to carry or bring in from an outside source (especially goods or materials for sale or trade); to express.
Impress make someone feel respect and admiration; to affect and impress strongly (especially favorably); make a design or mark on an object using a seal or stamp.
Improve to make or become better; to increase or advance productivity, value or quality.
Improvise to do or perform something extemporaneously; to do something with whatever materials are at hand.



We must improvise, and we must experiment, and we must do things that might go wrong, and everything we bring - the people and the equipment - must serve us in that goal. Flea TWEET THIS



Incorporate to unite with (especially with something that already exists); to embody.
Increase to become or make greater or larger; to multiply.
Index to signal or indicate; to provide with an index.
Individualize to personalize, characterize or differentiate.
Inebriate to excite; to arouse.
Infant to produce or bring forth.
Influence to affect or modify by gentle action.
Inform to instruct or train (especially in matter of knowledge); to make known; to animate or give life to.
Initiate to introduce, commence or begin; to take the initiative.
Innovate to introduce, change or begin something new or fresh.
Input to enter data or information; to contribute.
Inspect to examine carefully, closely and critically.
Inspire to affect, stimulate, guide or arouse; to intensify; to heighten; to inhale; to breath into.
Inspirit to hearten or strengthen; enliven; animate; give new life, impetus or vigor to.
Install to establish; to give a place; to set in position or connect and prepare for use.
Institute to organize; to establish; to initiate; to nominate; to appoint; to begin.
Instruct to advice; to direct; to teach.
Insure to make certain, sure or secure; to arrange or provide with insurance.
Integrate to unite; to unify; to complete; to make part of a larger unit or make into a whole by bringing all parts together; become one or integrated; to admit to equal membership or status in a group, institution or society.
Interact to act together or with others.
Interest to attract or engage attention; to affect; to excite; to concern.
Interface to coordinate or interact smoothly.
Interpret to tell or explain the meaning of; create a likeness or image of.
Intertwine to become, united or joined by twining together.
Intimate to announce, publish, communicate or declare; to hint; disclose discreetly.
Introduce to present or bring forward something (especially for the first time); to begin or open; preface.
Invent to produce, create or design something new; to come upon.
Inventory to create an inventory of.
Investigate to examine; to inquire or observe.
Invigorate make lively; give energy or life to; intensify; heighten.
Invite to entice; to welcome; to request; to encourage.
Involve include; to affect or influence; to entwine; to take in.


Irradiate to illuminate or brighten; to shine; to enlighten or give spiritual insight.


Issue to accrue as profit or proceeds; to proceed or spring from a source; to deliver of send out for use; to publish, circulate or distribute; to be descended or born; to come out or go.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with i and positive nouns starting with i.


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