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Positive adjectives that start with i "Descriptive Words"

Ideal list of describing i words is waiting for you.


Incredible list of positive adjectives that start with i

Let these illustrious positive words to inspire you and illuminate your path. Use these positive adjectives well and let your imagination fly.


Positive adjectives starting with id

Ideal considered the best of its kind or highly satisfactory; optimal; perfect; flawless; conceptual; imaginary.
Idealistic elevated in style or nature; relating to idealism or idealist.
Idiosyncratic peculiar to someone; eccentric; individual.
Idolized regarded with excessive love, glory or praise.


Positive adjectives starting with il

Illimitable without limit; limitless; boundless; immeasurable.
Illuminated irradiated, decorated or illustrated by light.
Illuminating producing or giving light; tending to increase knowledge or insight; clarifying; enlightening.
Illustrious well or widely known; eminent; characterized by nobleness or greatness; conferring honor or luster; renowned.


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Positive adjectives starting with im

Imaginative characterized by creativity in action or thought; full of images; creative; conceptive.
Imitable capable or worthy of being copied or imitated.
Immaculate pure; clear; spotless; free from error or blemish; clean.
Immeasurable limitless; vast; impossible to measure or beyond calculation; indefinitely extensive or vast.
Immediate instant; occurring at once or near the present time; close at hand.
Immense huge; gigantic; extremely large; vast; immeasurable; excellent; exceedingly good.
Immortal everlasting; living forever; excessive; great.
Immune exempt; invulnerable; secure or protected against.
Impartial unbiased; equitable; fair; just.
Impassioned fervent; excited; animated; characterized by intense passion.
Impeccable perfect; flawless; immaculate; not capable of doing wrong.
Impeccant sinless; unerring.
Imperturbable calm; unaffected; unmoved; incapable of being disturbed, distracted, agitated or excited.
Impish teasingly or annoyingly playful.
Important having crucial, important or relevant value; pressing; urgent.
Impressive anything that is or creates remarkable or striking impression; appealing.
Improved that has changed or been made better; enhanced.
Improving getting or become better; beneficial; growing in quantity or quality.
Improvisational using, made or done with whatever is available.



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Positive adjectives starting with in

In currently fashionable, popular, hot or in style.
Incisive intelligently concise and analytical; decisive.
Included confined; enclosed.
Inclusive including a great deal or everything within its scope; inclosing; encircling.
Incomparable so good or outstanding as to be beyond comparison; unsurpassed.
Incomplex simple; uncompounded.
Incontestable indisputable; certain; incontrovertible; true.
Incontrovertible impossible to disprove or deny; unquestionable.
Incorrupt unspoiled; free from immorality or corruption; pure.
Incredible extraordinary good; amazing; astonishing; wonderful; awe-inspiring; fabulous; marvelous; unlikely.
Inculpable innocent; blameless; faultless; free from guilt.
Indefatigable tireless; extremely persistent; seemingly or incapable of being fatigued.
Independent self-supporting; self-reliant; not dependent.
Indestructible impossible to destroy; invincible; ageless or very long lasting.
Indispensable essential; obligatory; unavoidable; inevitable; absolutely or vitally necessary.
Indisputable undeniable; obviously or certainly true; incontrovertible.
Individual special, particular or separate person or thing.
Individualistic characterized by expressing individuality.
Indivisible incapable of being divided, separated or split.
Indomitable invincible; untamable; unconquerable; impossible to subdue.
Indubitable unquestionable; evident; clearly or without doubt true.
Industrious hard-working; diligent; clever.
Inerrant infallible; free from error; unerring.
Inexhaustible tireless; never wearying, consumed or used up.
Infallible certain; sure; without fault, error or weakness.
Infant newly formed or begun.
Infinite boundless; unlimited; immense.
Influential possessing or exerting influence; effective; potent.
Informative instructive; tending to provide or increase knowledge.
Informed knowledgeable; educated; instructed.
Ingenious brilliant; intellectual; adroit; keen; characterized by inventive imagination, skill and brilliance.
Inimitable matchless; unrivaled; incapable of being copied or imitated.
Initiate introduced to something new; commenced; begun.
Initiative serving or used to initiate; preliminary; introductory.
Innocent free from guilt; not harmful; straightforward and true; pure; upright; lawful.
Innovative characterized by creativity or the creation of new things or ideas.
Innoxious pure; innocent; innocuous; harmless.
Inquisitive very curious; very eager to investigate, research or acquire knowledge.
Insightful having or showing insight; perceptive; having keen and depth intellect.
Inspired affected, moved or animated highly by influence or inspiration.
Inspiring stimulating; encouraging; animating; moving; exhilarating.
Inspiriting cheerfully animating or encouraging.
Instantaneous occurring, completed or done without perceptible delay.
Instinctive driven or acted by impulse and without thinking; spontaneous.
Instructive serving to instruct, inform or enlighten; conveying knowledge.
Instrumental serving, acting or contributing as an aid or means; helpful; conductive; serviceable.
Integral having or possessing everything essential; entire; complete; whole; constituent.
Integrated united or formed into a whole; combined.
Intellectual rational; clever; learned person.
Intelligent mentally acute or bright; aware and knowledgeable; skillful.
Intense extreme in degree, strength or size; excessive; ardent; fervent; deeply felt; profound.
Intent closely directed or controlled; firmly fixed; concentrated; attentive
Interactive acting, working or influencing with each other; mutually active.
Interconnected intertwined; connected at multiple levels, points or parts.
Interested showing or having curiosity, concern or fascination.
Interesting arousing, holding or exciting the attention.
Internal within body or inside of something; inner; inherent; real; essential.
Intertwined joined, twisted or twined together.
Intimate personal; private; familiar; near; close; confidential; innermost.
Intoxicating very stimulating or exciting.
Intrepid fearless; bold; brave; courageous; undaunted.
Intriguing mysterious; curious; interesting.
Inventive creative, skillful or adept at inventing; quick or ready at contriving or expedients.
Invigorated become or made fresh in spirits or vigor.
Invigorating giving energy, strength or vitality.
Invincible impossible to defeat, win, overcome or destroy; unconquerable.
Inviolable uninjured; undefiled; uncorrupted; immune to attack, violation or assault.
Inviting alluring; tempting; attractive.


Positive adjectives starting with ir

Irrefragable incontrovertible; clearly right or true; indisputable.
Irrefutable undeniable; indisputable; incontrovertible.
Irreplaceable that which cannot be replaced or substituted.
Irrepressible impossible to control, repress or restrain.
Irreproachable free from or not open to blame or criticism; faultless.
Irresistible impossible to resist; extremely attractive; overpowering.


Positive adjectives starting with iv

Ivory composed or constructed of ivory or resembling ivory.


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