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Positive verbs that start with H "Letter H action words"



Habit to dress or clothe; to habituate or accustom; to inhabit.
Habituate to make habitual or turn into a habit; to accustom or make accustomed; to familiarize.
Hale to pull; to haul.
Hallow to honor or respect greatly; revere; to sanctify or make.
Hand to aid, conduct or direct (especially with the hands); to transmit, pass or give (especially as if with the hands); to manage.
Handle to operate or manipulate (especially with hands); to represent, manage or administer; to direct or execute n. a mean or opportunity for achieving a goal or purpose.
Harmonize be harmonious; to come or bring into harmony or agreement; be in agreement or at peace one with another.
Harvest collect, gather or obtain for future use (especially crops or resources).



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Head to lead or be in charge; to point, aim, turn or proceed in a certain direction; to originate.
Help to aid, ease, relief, assist or improve.


Highlight to emphasize; to make prominent.
Hire to employ; to engage for work.


Honor show respect towards; accept as pay; to think of highly.
Hope being optimistic; expecting some possibility of fulfillment.
Host be the host for or of; give entertainment.


Husband to use or manage resources economically; conserve.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with h and positive nouns starting with h.


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