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Positive nouns that start with H "Letter H naming words"



Hale welfare; health.

Handler one who controls or handles something; a trainer; an agent.

Happening an event that happens and is particularly interesting or noteworthy.

Harmony agreement; accord; pleasing order of elements or something; correspondence.



Head mental ability; one who leads or is in charge; headmaster; first; a topic.

Headman an overseer or foreman.

Heart courage; spirit; enthusiasm; real intention; love; affection; positive feeling; compassion; the core or center; nearest or inmost the center.

Heart-to-heart an intimate, direct or openly straightforward talk.

Heartthrob a heartbeat; a sweetheart; beautiful or handsome famous person; tender emotion.

Heaven a place or condition of great happiness, bliss, pleasure, peace or delight; the paradise; the sky.

Height the highest, uppermost or most advanced degree, point or position; elevated position; stature.

Heir one who inherits or receives a heritage or is expected to.

Heiress a female heir.

Hello an expression (salutation) of greeting or calling.

Help assistance in time of trouble or difficulty; a resource.

Helper one who aids, assists or relieves.

Helpmate a helpful companion or partner; an assistant; a coadjutor; a wife.

Hero someone with exceptional courage, determination and willingness to fight for a cause; idol; one who is legendary by his actions; a role model.

Heroine a female hero.

Heuristic a method, strategy, rule or process which uses commonsense to increase probability of solving problem; a commonsense rule or rules.



High-quality the quality of being superior or better; top class.

Highflier a person with great ambition and ability; one who has extravagant lifestyle; a stock that sells more than its original value.

Hilarity great merriment or joy; jollity; boisterous mirth.


Hoe a long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used for weeding, cultivating, digging and gardening.

Holy a sacred place, object or person.

Honesty a quality of being sincere, honest, fair, truthful or decent.

Honor characteristic of being honorable or having a good name and reputation.

Hooray a victory cheer; an expression of joy and excitement.

Hope the feeling or anticipation that something desired will be fulfilled in future.

Hopeful an ambitious and eager person.

Hotshot a person of dazzling skill and daring.



Humanitarian one who is devoted to the promotion, betterment and advancement of human welfare.

Humor a characteristic that makes something amusing or laughable.

Husband a male spouse.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with h and positive verbs starting with h.


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