Positive nouns that start with i "Letter i naming words"

Positive nouns that start with i "Letter i naming words"


IconĀ an image; representation; an important symbol; one who is the object of devotion, great attention or admiration.


IdeaĀ a principle; opinion; plan; conviction; a notion; fancy; belief; doctrine; your intention.

IdealĀ an idea or conception of something in its absolute best or perfection; an ultimate air or object.

IdolĀ one that is adored or praised; an image; figure; effigy.
IdolizerĀ one who loves, worships or admires idols.


ImprovementĀ the act, state or process of improving.


InamorataĀ a woman with whom one has an intimate relationship or is in love; a lover.

InamoratoĀ a man with whom one has an intimate relationship or is in love; a lover.

IncreaseĀ the act or process of becoming larger or greater.

IndependentĀ one who acts or maintains the principles of independency.

IndivisibleĀ that which cannot be divided or separated.

IndustrialistĀ one who involved or interested in an industrial enterprise or industry.

InfantĀ a minor, young child or baby.

InfiniteĀ that which is infinite, boundless or incalculable; an infinity.

IngenuityĀ inventive imagination and skill; cleverness; openness of heart and mind.

InheritorĀ an heir; one who inherits.

InitiativeĀ a beginning or introductory act, step or movement.

InitiatorĀ one or that which initiates a course of action.

InnocentĀ an innocent person or thing.

InnovatorĀ one who innovates or creates new ideas or things.

InspirationĀ stimulation of the mind; sudden creative idea or act.

InstitutorĀ one who institutes, educates, establishes or founds; an originator, organizer or founder.

IntegralĀ a whole; an entire thing; a complete unit.

IntellectĀ the ability to think, reason and learn; a person of great intellectual and understanding ability.

IntentĀ attention; meaning; purport; notion; idea; heed; opinion.

InterestĀ excitement of feeling; one interested in any particular field.

IntimateĀ a close friend, associate or confidant.

InventorĀ one who invents, creates or devises something new or fresh.

InvitationĀ the act of inviting or request to participate; allurement; enticement; attraction.

InviteĀ an invitation.

InviteeĀ ļ»æone that is invited.


ps. See also positiveĀ adjectives starting with i and positiveĀ verbs starting with i.

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