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Positive verbs that start with G "Letter G action words"


Great list of positive verbs starting with the letter G. Go, gather, glance and put your game face on.


Gad to or travel from place to place in the pursuit of pleasure.
Gain to develop or increase; obtain advantage or derive benefit from; acquire; reach a destination.
Gallivant to roam or travel around in search of amusement, pleasure or entertainment; to flirt; to romance.
Galvanize to arouse people to take action, become excited or to awareness; to coat, cover or plate with something (usually with metals like gold, silver etc.).
Game to rejoice; to play at any sport or for a prize or stake.
Garb to clothe or dress.
Garden to tend or plant a garden; to furnish with a garden.
Garland to crown or adorn with a garland.
Garnish to adorn or decorate with ornamental appendages (especially food); to ornament; to embellish; to supply or furnish.
Gather to accumulate, assemble or come together; bring together; harvest or pick (especially crops, plants, fruits etc.); accumulate; increase in; understand or infer; recover or gain (especially one’s breath); to summon up or muster; to be a center of attraction for or to attract.


Generate to bring into being; give rise to; procreate; to occur or appear; to produce; to cause; supply or give.
Gentle to make smooth, genteel, cozy or agreeable; stroke soothingly; gain the good will of; give title to someone or raise to the status of a noble.


Gift give as a present or endow with.
Giggle a light and short laugh; to laugh in a giddy way.
Gild to cover with a thin layer of gold or golden color; to adorn; to brighten; to make more attractive.
Ginger to enliven or make lively; flavor with ginger.
Give to offer; to deliver; to provide; to pledge; to pass something to someone; to open; bestow; emit.



Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. Harriet Beecher Stowe TWEET THIS



Glad to cheer; to rejoice; to exhilarate.
Gladden to make or become more glad or happy; to rejoice; to cheer; to please.
Glad-hand welcome or greet warmly.
Glamorize to make attractive and glamorous; to glorify; to romanticize.
Glamour to make more beautiful or attractive (especially as if by spell).
Glance to shine, flash or sparkle briefly; to glint; to hint; to touch or look briefly.
Glaze to give a smooth lustrous or glassy surface to; to become glassy or glazed; to furnish or fit with glass.
Gleam to shine brightly; to glitter; to emit a brief flash or beam of light.
Glimmer to shine faintly or lightly; to appear faintly; to twinkle.
Glisten to shine or sparkle; to reflect light with a sparkling luster.
Glister to sparkle, glitter or glisten n. a sparkle; a glint; brilliance.
Glitter to sparkle or shine brilliantly and/or showy; to glisten.
Glorify to worship; to honor or give high praise; to exalt; represent or describe as admirable, blessed, beautiful or very good.
Glory to rejoice or exult with joy; to be proud.
Gloss to give a bright luster or sheen to; to make or become more lustrous or shiny.
Glow to shine steadily and brightly; to shine intensely, brightly and warmly (especially without flame and with reddish color); to be radiant, exuberant or high-spirited.


Grace to adorn; to decorate; to give beauty or elegance; to supply with divine or heavenly grace; to honor.
Graduate to advance to a new level of degree, achievement, activity or skill; to divide or arrange into grades, steps or categories; to grant an academic diploma or degree to; to be granted an academic diploma or degree; to change by degrees or gradually.
Grant agree to allow or give; give legally or formally to; admit or agree to someone that something is true or factual.
Gratify to please; to satisfy; to recompense; make happy; to indulge.
Gravitate be attracted to or move towards.
Greet to welcome or salute; to address; to accost.
Grin to smile broadly (especially to show pleasure or amusement).
Grind to refine, sharpen or shape (especially with friction).
Grok to understand fully and profoundly (especially through empathy or intuition).
Groove to take great satisfaction or pleasure; to be affected with pleasurable enjoyment or excitement; to enjoy, create or dance to melodic music.
Grow to increase, expand, enlarge or gain; to thrive; to raise; to develop.
Grubstake to furnish with supplies; to supply with funds or money in return for a promised share of profits.


Guard to watch over in order to control or protect; protect against harm, damage or intrusion; to gird or fasten by binding.
Guerdon to reward or recompense.
Guest to search for; request; desire.
Guffaw laugh heartily and loudly.
Guide to direct the course; to supervise or serve someone.
Gush to emit an abundant and sudden flow; to flow forth suddenly and abundantly; to make an excessive display of enthusiasm.
Gussy to decorate or dress elaborately; to make something or someone more attractive; to embellish or adorn.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with g and positive nouns starting with g.


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