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Positive verbs that start with F "Letter F action words"



Fain to gladden or delight; to rejoice; to desire or wish.
Fair to make beautiful, smooth or fair.
Fame to make famous or renowned; to report honorably or widely.
Fan to cool and refresh; to excite; radiate, disperse or spread out from a central point to cover a wide area (especially into a semicircular shape).
Fancy to love; to like; to be pleased with to imagine.
Fare to get along; succeed; to travel; go; to eat.
Fascinate to influence an attracting manner; to allure or excite irresistibly; to captivate; to evoke an intense interest.
Favor to perform kindness; to treat with care; to facilitate; promote over another.
Favour same as FAVOR.


Fellowship to acknowledge as of good standing.


Fill to provide or supply to the fullest extent; to supply with to satiate; to meet or satisfy; fulfill; to complete something by addition or insertion; to become full.
Fine to make or become cleaner, purer, smoother or finer; to refine.
Firm to become or make firm.
Fit to be in agreement with; to be in harmony; to adjust; to equip; to be appropriate to; suit; prepare.

Flame to excite; to blaze; to flash or color suddenly; to ignite.
Flash to reflect or give off light; to occur or appear suddenly; to communicate, signal or make known (especially by using light); to proceed or move rapidly.
Fleet to change position or move; to float; to pass over quickly.
Flower to blossom; to bloom.


True enthusiasm is a fine feeling whose flash I admire where-ever I see it. Charlotte Bronte TWEET THIS


Focus to adjust to produce a clearer image; to concentrate attention; to direct toward a specific point or purpose.
Forbear to resist and be tolerant against provocation.
Force to act or effect against resistance; to produce something with effort; to move; to open.
Foresee to predict; to anticipate; to provide; act in advance of; imagine possible.
Forgive to pardon; to give; grant; absolve from payment.
Fortify to make strong; to reinforce; to increase defenses; to enrich.
Fortune to make fortunate or lucky; to happen.
Forward to help advance; to promote; to send; to quicken.
Fountain to flow or gush n. source of jet or stream of water or some liquid; an abundant source of.


Frank to send free of charge; to enable something come and go freely.
Free make free; to relieve of a restrain, burden or difficulty.
Fresh to refresh or freshen.
Friend to act as friend to; to help; to befriend.


Full to become or make full.
Fun to tease; to merry; to act playfully; joke.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with f and positive nouns starting with f.


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