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Positive Nouns That Start with F "Letter F Naming Words"

List Of Positive Nouns Starting With F

Fair beauty; sweetheart; fairness; an event for public trade and entertainment; an event for experts in a business to do business and learn about new products.

Faith loyal or confident belief in the idea, thing or a person; fidelity; promise given; truth; credibility.

Faithful practicing or devoted members who adhere to a common faith.

Fame reputation; a state of being well-known.

Familiar a close friend, companion or associate.

Fancier one having a strong liking, interest or enthusiasm for something.

Fancy liking; something that pleases or entertains; romantic or amorous attachment; taste; a fantastic image created by mind.

Fantastic an eccentric person; pleasantly different or new.

Fare journey; supplies for pleasure or consumption.

Fascinator someone or something that fascinates.

Fashioner one who designs or fashions something.

Favor kind regard; good will; an inclination to approve or give aid.

Favorite one that enjoys special regard, liking or favor; a contestant thought likely to win.


Felicity bliss; great happiness; a source or cause of happiness; enjoyment of good.

Femcee a female who raps or freestyles; a female rapper; a female music artist; a host or mistress of ceremonies especially on a radio, television program or show.


Fiancé one who is to be married.

Fine something that is fine; conclusion.

Fireball highly energetic person.

Firm an enterprise or business partnership.

First the beginning; winning position in a contest; the highest rank.

First-class the highest rank in classification or quality.

Fit the quality of being fit; adjustment.


Fleet  group of vehicles or vessels that are sailing together or having the same objective, destination or ownership.


Folks friendly form to address general population, everybody or one’s family.

Foodie one with a special knowledge in or interest of food; a gourmet.

Fop one who is proud and nice in manners and appearance; showy person.

Forbear an ancestor; a forefather.

Force anything that capable or able to make change in person or thing; a powerful effect; ability to control; mental or physical strength; significance; a waterfall.

Forefather an ancestor; the founder of a family; one who contributed or originated idea or tradition.

Foreman the leader of a group or work crew.

Forerunner one who goes before or announces or knows the coming of another; anything that precedes anything similar in time.

Foresight the act of looking forward or perception to see and prepare for the future; knowing in advance.

Forever an extremely long or infinite time.

Forgiveness the act or thought of forgiving or pardon.

Fortunate one who has good luck and fortune.

Fortune a large amount of money, wealth or prosperity; good luck; fate.

Forward the front part of something; a promise; an agreement.

Foundation the basis on which thing stands or is founded or established; a cosmetic base.

Founder one who establishes, founds or erects; an author; a creator; a maker.

Fountain source of jet or stream of water or some liquid; an abundant source of.

Fountainhead the spring or source of water which a stream or jet arises; an abundant source of.


Freedom liberty of a person; ease of movement; free will; privileges; facility; openness; frankness.

Freethinker one who forms his or her own opinions about something instead of accepting what other people say.

Fresh a spring, brook, stream or rush of fresh water; the early part.

Friend a person whom one likes, sympathizes, trusts and knows; an associate who provides assistance.

Friendly person or thing on the same side of a conflict.


Fulfillment the act of fulfilling or state of being fulfilled; accomplishment; completion; execution; performance.

Full degree, measure, extent, period, point or state of the greatest fullness or strength.

Fun amusement; enjoyment; excited activity; pleasure; merriment.

Funny a joke.



ps. See also positive adjectives starting with f and positive verbs starting with f.


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