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Positive nouns that start with E "Letter E naming words"

List of Positive Nouns Starting with E

Earnest actuality; an assurance or promise; money paid in advance.
Ease freedom from hardship, agitation, constraint, embarrassment, effort, pain or worry; dexterity or readiness in performance; a state of leisure, relaxation or rest.

Ecstasy intense pleasure, joy or delight; trance; frenzy; overpowering emotion.
Ecstatic one subject to rapturous emotions or ecstasies.

Effect a result; advantage; that which produces an effect; a cause; one or someone’s who are capable of active service.
Efficiency the property or quality of producing an effect or effects; skillfulness in avoiding wasted effort and time; the ratio of the input and output of any system.
Efficient a prime mover; an efficient cause.

Einstein one who has exceptional intellectual ability; brainiac.

Elder a senior and influential member of group, community or family; one who is superior in age.
Eligible one who is qualified to be selected.

Employer a company, community or person who employs another.
Empowerment authority, freedom or power given to someone to do something; the process of becoming more confident, certain or stronger.

Enchanter one who fascinates, delights, charms or enchants; a magician or sorcerer.
Enchantress a woman who uses alluring, charming and fascinating magic; irresistible and beautiful woman; sorceress.
Encourager one who encourages or helps forward or to advance.
Endorser one who endorses or show great approval.
Enlivening that which enlivens or makes more lively.
Enough a sufficiency.
Entertainer one who pleases, amuses or entertains.
Enthusiast an ardent supporter of something; one who is ardent to pursuit something.
Entrepreneur one who operates, organizes and estimates the risks of business venture.

Epicure one who is devoted sensuous pleasures or luxurious living and enjoyments; one with refined taste in something (usually food, wine and music).
Epicurean one who is devoted to pleasure and luxury.
Epitome a brief abstract or summary of a subject; a compact representation of anything.

Equal something that is equal to other.
Equity ownership (especially right or claim in terms of monetary value); something that is fair, just and impartial.
Equivalent anything that is equal to or good as another.

Essence significant or important feature of something; anything immaterial; heavenly substance; perfume; the predominant qualities of some natural product from which it is extracted.
Essential anything indispensable.
Esteem high value or estimation; an attitude of admiration or approval.

Eternal something endless or timeless.
Ethic moral; a set or system of principles governing morality.

Example something that serves to explain or illustrate something.
Exclusive an exclusive privilege or right to.
Exec executive officer.
Executive the chief officer.
Exemplar something that is worthy to imitated or copied.
Exemplary serving or being as an illustration of a type.
Experimenter one who produces or conducts innovative ideas and experiments.
Expert one with extensive skill, knowledge or ability in a given subject.
Exponent one that represent, speaks or advocates for; one that interprets, expounds or explains.
Extolment a praise; expression of commendation and approval.


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