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Positive verbs that start with E "Letter E action words"



Earn gain, acquire or deserve profit, payment, reward, recognition, position etc. (especially by work, effort, labor or action).
Ease alleviate; lessen or free from agitation, difficulty, hardship, pain or worry; maneuver or move carefully and slowly; proceed with little effort.


Edify build or construct; encourage, improve or teach (especially intellectually, morally or spiritually); benefit; favor; persuade; convince.
Educate instruct, train, develop or indoctrinate a group or person; provide information.


Effervesce to show or exhibit high spirits or animation; to become frothy, bubbly or foaming.

"Elevate your mindset and let positivity empower your journey towards success."

Elaborate produce, improve or refine by effort and study; make more intricate or richer; add details to clarify the meaning.
Electrify excite intensely or suddenly (especially by something highly delightful or inspiring); equip, provide or wire with electric power.
Elevate raise or promote (especially from a lower to a higher position or rank); increase or intensify; exalt; dignify; excite.

 "Embody kindness in all you do, for it creates a ripple effect of positivity."

Emphasize give special value or importance to.
Employ hire for work or engage; put to service or use
Empower give power, abilities or qualities to.



Make choices to empower yourself. Dean Ornish TWEET THIS


Enamor attract; captivate; inspire with love.
Endear make attractive, dear, lovable or very sympathetic.
Endorse support; acknowledge; give an endorsement; give approval of.
Endow supply or provide with money or property; bestow; give abilities or qualities to.
Engage attract, engross or win over; please; enter into task or job; participate; guarantee, promise or pledge.
Engineer construct, manage, design or plan.
Engross absorb or occupy all the attention or interest of; make larger; increase in quantity; make additions to; monopolize; concentrate; amass; thicken.
Enhance make better, or greater, as in beauty, value, effectiveness or quantity; to lift; augment; increase or improve.
Enjoy get or receive satisfaction, pleasure or happiness from; have benefit from.
Enlighten inform or instruct; to illuminate; make clear; give intellectual or spiritual insight to; supply with light.
Enlist join or support a cause or organization; obtain; secure; enroll; register.
Enliven make more lively, interesting, active or intense; give emotion, spirit or vivacity to; make cheerful.
Enrapture transport with delight or pleasure; enravish.
Enrich improve or make better; make richer or wealthy; to supply with something; fertilize.
Ensure insure; make certain or sure; betroth.
Enthrall attract, bewitch or charm.
Entice attract by arousing desire or hope; allure.
Entrust confer a protections, trust or care upon.


There are things to confess that enrich the world, and things that need not be said. Joni Mitchell TWEET THIS


Equal be equal or equivalent to; to match.
Equip provide, supply or prepare with something; dress up.


Escort accompany as an escort or guard.
Establish set up something; found or institute; confirm; appoint or constitute.
Esteem think much of; regard highly; to prize; set value on.


Evoke call forth or summon; recall or bring to the conscious mind; elicit.
Evolve develop or grow gradually; gain through experience or changes; to emit; to unfold.


Exact make necessary or desirable; practice exaction; claim; require.
Exalt praise, honor, extol or glorify; raise in rank, status, power, character or quality; elevate.
Extol praise, glorify or honor highly; exalt; elevate; eulogize; magnify.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with e and positive nouns starting with e.


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