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Positive verbs that start with D "Letter D action words"



Dabble to splash or play in water playfully and gently; sprinkle; moisten.
Daintify to make dainty or delicate.
Dance move in rhythmical way; express pleasure by motion; frisk.


Deck to dress someone up with finery; to decorate.
Declare to make known officially or publicly; to reveal; show.
Decoct to strengthen or invigorate; to warm (especially as if by boiling).
Decorate to make more attractive or improve the appearance; to embellish.
Decore to beautify; decorate; adorn.
Decree to decide, establish or ordain by decree or authority.
Deduce to reach a conclusion by logic or reasoning; to lead forth.
Deed to transfer or convey by deed (especially property).
Deepen to make more intense; to increase understanding.
Defend to keep or make safe from harm; to maintain or support; protect.
Defer to submit to another’s wish or opinion in respect to their judgment.
Define to determine, describe or explain.
Defix to establish; fasten; fix.
Delectate to charm, delight or please.
Delibate to taste or take a sip of.
Deliberate consider carefully; to weigh in the mind.
Delight to affect with great pleasure or joy.
Deliver free or save from harm or evil; perform or carry out; to transfer or give; to show.
Demulce to soothe; soften; mollify.
Deonerate to disburden or unload.
Deoppilate to clear or free from obstructions.
Deosculate to kiss warmly or with fondness.
Depict to represent in words, picture, sound and the like; describe vividly.
Deposit to put something for safekeeping (especially money).
Depreicate to celebrate; to proclaim.
Depurate to purify; cleanse; clarify.
Depute to assign; to appoint; to choose; to delegate; to deputize.
Deputize to serve or appoint as a deputy; to empower.
Derive to receive or obtain from a source; to deduce by reasoning.
Describe to represent in words, pictorially or with other means.
Descry to detect or discover by careful observation.
Deserve to be worthy of or entitled to; to earn; to merit.
Desire to wish or want; to request.
Desume to select or borrow.
Detect to discover; to find out.
Determinate to determine, bring to an end or conclusion.
Determine to figure out; resolve.
Develop create, grow, progress or evolve through some process; happen.
Devise to design, plan, form or arrange something (especially in mind); imagine; to give by will (especially real estate)
Dew to moisten.


Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. Nido Qubein TWEET THIS


Diadem to crown; to adorn as if with or with diadem.
Diamondize to set or decorate with diamonds; to adorn; to enrich.
Dig to discover or learn by careful research; to like, appreciate or enjoy; to understand.
Dight to adorn; to dress or furnish; to make ready.
Dignify to honor or exalt; elevate.
Ding to ring or clang; to level up.
Dip to moisten; to investigate (especially superficially); to penetrate.
Direct regulate; to give commands, supervise or directions; control.
Disciple to train, educate or teach.
Disclose to uncover; to open; to make public.
Discloud to clear from clouds, fog or anything that obscures.
Discover to learn, find or notice something for the first time; to make known; to explore.
Discrete to separate.
Discumber to relieve of something cumbersome.
Discuss to consider or examine in writing or speech; to communicate or converse (especially in detail); to talk over.
Disenchant to free from false belief or illusion; undeceive.
Disenslave free from slavery or bondage.
Disentangle to resolve or clear up; to unknot; to become or make free.
Disillusion to free from an illusion or false belief.
Disinvovle to uncover; to unfold; to disentangle.
Dispand to expand or spread out.
Dispatch to complete or transact.
Dispense to distribute; to prepare; to administer.
Display to show off; to express; to unfold n. something shown or represented to the public.
Distribute to deliver, share or pass out; to supply (especially goods to retailers); classify.
Dizen to dress up in fine clothes and ornaments.


Do to execute or perform; to bring about; effect; to render; to carry out; produce.
Document to record; to supply or support with references; to teach or school.
Doll to make more beautiful or attractive.
Donate to present as a gift; to contribute; to give; to bestow.
Dovetail to unite or fit together well, precisely or harmoniously.


Draft to compose (especially by thinking and writing).
Drape to cover, dress or adorn with cloths or drapery.
Draw to produce an image, picture or diagram by making lines and marks on paper; to guide or pull gently someone or something in a specified direction; to attract someone to come to an event or place; move somewhere in unhurried way; arrive at or come to a point in a process or time; to obtain, take or withdraw (especially money from a bank or other source); to pull out or take an object from a container or receptacle.
Dream to imagine; to daydream; to regard something as practical or feasible.
Dress to adorn or decorate; to garnish; to put in good order or arrange.
Drink to make or give a toast; to salute someone or something with a toast.
Drive to make an effort to achieve or reach an goal or objective; to guide, direct or control.
Droll to jest; to joke.


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell TWEET THIS


Dub to honor with a new title; to confer knighthood by a tap on the shoulder with the sword; to give a nickname playfully.
Dulcify to make gentle or agreeable; to make peaceful or mollify; to sweeten.
Dulcorate to sweeten.
Duplicate to double or make an exact copy.


Dye to color.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with d and positive nouns starting with d.


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