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Positive verbs that start with C "Letter C action words"



Call to announce or say with clear and carrying voice; to ask for the presence or a meeting of; convoke; summon; to label or designate; to give the signals or orders
Calm make or become calm, steady, serene or still.
Camp to act in humorously vulgar, banal or artificial manner; to lodge or shelter in a camp; settle; to set up or make a camp.
Can to know how to; to be able to accomplish, make or do; to understand; used to indicate capability of physical or mental ability.
Candy to coat or become coated with something sweet.
Canoodle to fondle, caress, pet or make love.
Captivate attract; cause to be enamored.
Care feel concern or interest; have care of or look.
Caress to stroke or touch in a loving or affectionate manner; to treat kindly, fondly or favorably; to cherish; to move or touch as if with a caress.
Carol to sing in a joyful, cheerful and loud manner; to celebrate or praise in or as if in song.
Cast to bestow or confer; to arrange or give a form to; to throw, roll or draw.
Cater to provide entertainment or food; to provide or satisfy what is required or needed; to be particularly solicitous or attentive.
Cause give rise to; cause to happen or occur.


Celebrate to honor by solemn rites by ceremonies of respect and joy or by refraining from ordinary business; praise eloquently; to extol.
Center to place at or in the center; to direct toward a central point or center; to be concentrated or concentrate; to be focused; to have central theme.


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Chair to install in a position of authority, (especially as a presiding officer).
Champion to support, protect or fight for as a champion.
Chance to do something in the hope of favorable outcome.
Chant intone or to sing to a chant; to celebrate or praise in song; say repeatedly with a melodic voice.
Chaperon to accompany; to escort.
Character to describe or portray; to write, inscribe or engrave.
Characterize to describe or determine the characteristics of; to make recognizable or distinct by distinguishing traits or marks.
Charm cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of; to attract irresistibly; to delight exceedingly; to enchant; to fascinate.
Chat to converse in a familiar, easy and relaxed manner.
Cheer to cause to rejoice; to gladden; to make cheerful.
Cherish to treat with tenderness and affection; to protect and aid; to hold dear; to embrace with interest; to indulge; to encourage.
Chill to relax or calm down; to keep company.
Chime to produce music or musical sound by striking bells; to welcome, call or send by chiming; to make known or signal by chiming; to be in harmony; to agree or correspond.
Chirp to make a short, sharp and cheerful note.
Chit to sprout or shoot as a plant or seed.
Chortle to chuckle gleefully; laugh with restraint or quietly.
Chorus sing in a choir or the chorus.
Chuckle to laugh in a suppressed or inwardly manner, as expressing inward amusement or satisfaction.
Chug-a-lug to drink in large gulps without pausing.
Chum to display good-natured friendliness; to live together or share rooms with.


Cinch to make certain; secure or guarantee.
Civilize to educate in matter of culture, technology and refinement; make more sophisticated or polished; to raise from a savage or barbarous state to a more sophisticated stage of development.


Class to rate, arrange or group according to characteristics or qualities; classify.
Classify to organize or arrange according to category or class; designate, make or declare something as confidential or secret.
Clean to remove unwanted substances like dirt, rubbish, impurities etc.; to purify.
Clear to render bright, transparent, or undimmed; to free from clouds; to free from impurities; to clarify; to cleanse.
Climb increase in value or to a higher point; go up or advance.
Close to join or unite; bring into contact.
Cluster to form or cause to grow into bunches; to grow or gather into bunches.


Coddle to treat with great care, indulgently or gently; to pamper.
Coiffure to arrange or style hair.
Combine to merge or bring into a state of unity; become united or joined; to join; to harvest (especially a grain crop by using cutting, threshing, and cleaning machine).
Comfort to provide comfort to or relieve suffering; to invigorate; to fortify; to corroborate.
Commend praise formally and eloquently.
Commit to perform or do; be dedicated to; give entirely something to a specific person; make an investment; to put or give in trust.
Companion to be a companion to; one paid to accompany, aid or live with another.
Complement to make something better or complete.
Complete to bring to a finish; to make whole.
Compliment express respect or esteem for.
Concert to plan together; agreement; consultation.
Concrete to harden; solidify.
Conduce to lead, help or contribute to a specific result; to guide.
Confection to prepare as a or into a confection.
Confide to have faith or trust in; to tell or reveal something in confidence; to entrust.
Confirm to add strength to; to establish; to strengthen; to verify; to ratify.
Congratulate to express one’s sympathetic pleasure or joy to the someone; to welcome; be proud of.
Connect to join; to attach; to associate; make a causal connection or logical connection; to become united.
Conquer to overcome an obstacle; to gain, win or obtain by effort.
Consent to allow or agree something; to give approval, permission or assent.
Consider to think carefully about; to think of doing; to esteem; regard.
Content to make satisfied or content; to gratify.
Contribute to give or supply something, that is common with others; to assist; provide.
Convince persuade somebody to do something.
Cool to become calmer; to make less intense; relax.
Cooperate to work together toward a common cause, goal or purpose; to act or function in harmony.
Cope to deal effectively with something difficult; to bargain for; barter; to encounter; to have to do with.
Correct make corrections or improvements; to make right; to rectify; to remove faults or errors of.
Coruscate to sparkle or flash (especially of light); to glitter; be brilliant, lively or exhibit virtuosity.
Could used to indicate politeness or tentativeness; used to suggest something.
Counsel give advice to; to recommend.
Cozy to make one comfortable and snug; become friendly or comfortable with.


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Crack to break open; discover solution to.
Credit to award or give; to believe or trust in; to attribute or ascribe to a person; to acknowledge a contribution, action or quality.
Crew recruit; serve as crew member.


Culminate reach its highest point as of rank, quality, magnitude or power; complete; climax.
Cure to heal or restore health; to become healed or healthy; to remedy, remove or set free (especially something harmful); to care or give attention.


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