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Positive nouns that start with C "Letter C naming Words"

List of positive nouns starting with C

Calm steadiness of mind; stillness; serenity; tranquility; peace.

Campaigner one who is or has been in active service in a campaigns or campaign; a supporter.

Capital anything which can be used to increase one's power or influence; material wealth available for use in the production of more wealth.

Captain the leader of a group of people; one who commands, leads, or guides others.

Care charge, management or oversight implying responsibility for safety and prosperity; attentive treatment or assistance to those in need; upkeep; maintenance.

Caretaker one (especially custodian) who is hired to take or takes care of something.

Cartoon a drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously or unrealistic and usually an exaggerated way.

Catalyst something that causes an important event or change to happen.

Cause that which effects or produces a result; that from which anything proceeds; sake; interest; advantage.


Celebrant a person who is celebrating.

Celebrator a person who praises or celebrates.

Celestial a heavenly being; an angel or god.

CEO chief executive officer; chief operating officer; chairman; managing director.


CFO chief financial officer.


Chair a position or office of authority (such as a professorship).

Chairperson the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization.

Chamberlain a receiver or treasurer of public money; treasurer of a municipal corporation.

Champ one who has won first place in a competition; champion; title-holder.

Champion someone that wins or has won a first place in a competition; a hero; someone who is superbly skilled in any field.

Charity universal benevolence; good will; an activity or gift that benefits the public at large.

Charmer one who delights and attracts the affections.

Cheer mirth; cheerfulness; animation.

Cheers enthusiastic approval; used as a toast or valediction.

Chief the head or leader of an organized body of people; the person highest in authority; boss; the prime or most important part.

Chieftain a leader of a group, clan or a tribe.

Child a product or result of something specified; offspring.

Choice the power, right or liberty to choose; option.

Chortle a soft suppressed laugh; joyful chuckle or laugh.

Chosen an exclusive individual or group of people.

Chuckle a short suppressed laugh; the expression of satisfaction or amusement.

Chum an old and intimate friend; roommate.


Cinch a fine position or situation; an easy job; a firm hold or grip on anything.

Civility courtesy; politeness; kind attention; good breeding; the act of showing regard for others.


Clairvoyant a person able to see things that cannot be perceived by the normal senses.

Classic a work of acknowledged excellence and authority or its author.

Clear a clear or unobstructed space; the state of being free of suspicion.

Climb an event that involves rising to a higher point.

Climber one who ascends by labor or effort; a person who avidly seeks a higher social or professional position.

Climbing an event that involves rising to a higher point.

Close a conclusion; a finish.

Closing a meeting for completing a transaction; the end or conclusion.


Coadjutant a helper; an assistant.

Coadjutor a coworker; an assistant.

Coequal an equal person or thing.

Coiner someone who is a source of new words or new expressions; inventor; one who stamps coins; a minter; a maker of money.

Collaborator an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest.

Colleague an associate that one works with v. to unite or associate with another or with others.

Collector one who collects something.

Comfort encouragement; solace; consolation in trouble.

Comforter person who administers comfort or consolation.

Comic person whose behavior bring about laughter.

Commander a chief; one who has supreme authority; a leader.

Commendatory eulogy; a commendation.

Compassion a deep sympathy for or awareness of another's suffering with the wish to relieve it; care.

Composer one who composes (especially music); an author; one who or that which calms.

Comrade a companion; associate; mate.

Concierge one who keeps the entrance or access to an edifice, public or private.

Condolence an expression of sympathy with someone’s sorrow.

Conductor one who conducts; a leader; a commander; a guide; a director.

Confederate one who is united with others in a league; an ally.

Confidant someone to whom secrets or private matters are disclosed.

Confidence belief in yourself and your abilities; a feeling of trust; belief; private conversation.

Connoisseur a skillful or knowing person in any subject.

Consciousness awareness or sensitivity; immediate knowledge or perception of the presence of; expectation.

Conservator one who conserves, protects or preserves something.

Consoler one who consoles or gives comfort or consolation.

Constant a quantity that is not subject to change.

Constitutional a regular walk taken for good health, exercise and well-being.

Consul a senator; a counselor; a diplomat appointed by a government to protect its commercial interests and aid its citizens in a foreign country.

Consultant one who gives professional or expert advice.

Contemporary someone who lives at the same time with another; one who is nearly the same age as another.

Content substance; the amount of material contained.

Contributor a benefactor; someone who contributes; a person who backs or supports a cause.

Controller one who controls or oversees something; an officer appointed to keep a counter register of accounts, rectify or verify accounts; supervisor of the financial affairs.

Conversant one who converses with another.

Cooperator an associate; one who cooperates.

Cope the canopy or vault of the heavens or sky; anything regarded as spread out over the head.

Cornerstone the fundamental assumptions from which something is developed, begun, explained or calculated.

Councillor a representative elected to a local authority; member of a council.

Counselor an adviser; one who gives counsel.

Courage a state of mind which enables one to overcome danger or fear; bravery.

Co-worker an associate that one works with.


Crack a moment; amusement.

Crackerjack something excellent of its kind.

Craftsperson one who is highly skilled at their trade; one who produces crafts and arts.

Creator someone or something which creates something; producer; inventor.

Credential that which gives credit; giving a claim or title to credit or confidence.

Credit confidence or belief in truth of something; influence derived from the good confidence, opinion or esteem; respect and recognition; trust given.

Crowd-pleaser someone or something with great popular appeal.


Curator one who manages, administrates or oversees something.

Custodian a caretaker; one having charge of something.


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Diana Dickrader

I love these pages. I’m making a chalkboard with descriptors of the celebratee and since his name begins with a C, I’m trying to play off that. Thank you for doing all this work so that I and others may pick and choose easily! Kudos!

January 10, 2020 at 09:59am

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