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Positive nouns that start with B "Letter B naming Words"

When we think of positive words, the letter B often comes to mind. It's a letter that has many positive nouns starting with b associated with it, from beauty to bliss.


List of positive nouns starting with B

From bravery to benevolence, these letter b words can help us express our feelings in a more meaningful way and remind us of the beauty of life. It's time to explore positive nouns that start with the letter B with definitions. 

Babe dear; sweetheart; an attractive woman.

Baby attractive young women; a very young child or animal.

Backbone resolute and firm character; the most sturdiest or substantial part of something.

Backer one that backs a group, person or enterprise.

Backup the act of providing approval and support; a reserve, substitute, support or backing; reinforcements.

Balance a state of equilibrium; harmony.

Ball a highly or very pleasant experience; substantial gathering for social dancing; courage; an object with a spherical shape (usually used as a plaything).

Balls courage; nerve.

Balm an aromatic oil or salve; pleasing aromatic fragrance or sweet odor; anything that heals, comforts or soothes (especially pain).

Banns a public notice or announcement (especially of a forthcoming marriage).

Barbie an attractive, beautiful and doll-like woman (usually depicting a slim, shapely young woman, especially one with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin similar to a Barbie doll toy); a barbecue.

Barbecue to cook food over an open fire n. a social gathering that is typically held outdoors, at which food is cooked over an open fire.

Bargain something acquired or offered at a price advantageous to the buyer.

Bazaar a market (especially in Middle East); a fundraising sale of goods (especially for charity).



Beacon a source of inspiration, guidance or hope; a guiding or signaling object.

Beam a shaft or ray of light.

Bearing manner in which one conducts or carries oneself; something that supports weight or another object; the period, power or act of bringing forth fruit or offspring; yield.

Beat a blow or series of blows that produces sound or rhythm; a main rhythmic unit or accent in music or poetry.

Beatitude happiness of the highest kind; utmost bliss.

Beauty the quality or property that gives pleasure to the mind (especially by being looked at or perceived.); a feature or quality that is most excellent, gratifying, effective or telling; anything beautiful.

Beckon a gesture or sign made without words.

Becoming the process of change; something appropriate.

Begetter procreator; one who begets; originator; creator.

Beginning a start; origin; source.

Being the quality or state of having existence, as opposed to nonexistence; the essence; anything living that has some kind of consciousness; personality.

Belief trust, confidence or faith in some person or thing.

Believer a supporter who accepts or believes something as fact or true.

Bell a bell-shaped object; something that resembles, includes or sounds like a bell.

Benchmark a standard by which something is evaluated or measured.

Benefaction an act intending or showing kindness and good will.

Benefactor a person who helps people or institutions.

Benefactress a woman who confers a benefit (female benefactor).

Beneficence the quality or state of being charitable, kind or beneficial; the charitable gift or act.

Beneficiary one who receives an advantage or anything as a gift.

Benefit something that aids or promotes well-being or condition; aid; help.

Benevolence a disposition or inclination to perform charitable and kind acts; an altruistic or generous act or gift.

Best one that surpasses all others; one’s warmest regards or wishes.

Bestower one who bestows (especially property); a giver; a disposer.

Better one that is superior in excellence or higher in quality.

Betterment a change or progress for the better; progress in development; improvement.

Bewitchment the act or power of bewitching; fascination.



Biennial living or lasting two years; happening every two years n. something that occurs every two years.

Bigwig the most important person in a group, organization or undertaking.

Bijou a small and delicately worked or made jewelry, trinket or piece.



Blaze a bright light or glare; brilliance; flame.

Blazing a strong flame or fire that burns brightly.

Blessing the act of praying for divine protection or fortune; a means of happiness; that which promotes prosperity and welfare; approval.

Blink a gleam; sparkle; glimmer; glance.

Bliss a state of extreme happiness or ecstasy; spiritual joy.

Blitheness the state or quality of being blithe; gaiety.

Bloom a time or state or of beauty, freshness and vigor; something resembling the plant or a flower; a blossom.

Blossom a blooming stage or period of development; something lovely that gives rich and pleasant promise.

Blossoming the process and time of budding and unfolding of blossoms.

Blue-ribbon an award or honor gained for excellence.



Bodyguard someone who protects and escorts a prominent person or persons.

Boldness the quality or state of being bold; courage.

Bolster a pillow or cushion.

Bonanza a sudden happening, project or resource that brings good fortune, wealth or prosperity; a rich vein or mine of ore.

Bonbon a type of French pastry.

Bond something that binds, fastens or ties thing together; union, connection or emotional link.

Bonus something given or paid in addition to what is expected or usual; an extra.

Boon a timely benefit or blessing; a benefaction; a gift.

Boost the act of giving support or hope to someone; help; an increase.

Booster anything with restorative or improving powers; an additional dose.

Bosom affectionate or loving enclosure; an embrace.

Boss one who makes decisions; a supervisor or employer.

Bottle the confidence or courage needed to do something dangerous or difficult.

Bounce liveliness; spirit; swagger.

Bound a light, self-propelled movement forwards or upwards; the greatest possible degree or quality of something; a bounce.

Bounty generosity by a willingness to give freely; payment or reward; goodness; virtue.

Bouquet a small arrangement or cluster of flowers; pleasingly sweet aroma or fragrance (especially of a typical wine).

Boutonniere a flower or small group of flowers pinned to the lapel of a jacket or worn in buttonhole.

Bow bending the body, head or knee as a sign of greeting or respect; a debut; a type of knot that is usually used as decoration; arched, bent or curved object.


Brain someone who has exceptional intellectual originality or ability; mind; the control center.

Brass objects or ornaments made of an alloy of zinc and copper; brave and bold self-assurance; money.

Brave one who is bold.

Bravery the quality, state or condition of being brave; courage; splendor; magnificence; showy person or display.

Bravura a showy and daring display or manner; a great skill, brilliance and energy in doing something.

Breeze a light and gentle current of air or wind; any activity or task that is easy to do.

Brevity the act or quality of expressing much in few words; briefness.

Bridal a wedding or marriage ceremony; marriage festival.

Bride a woman who has recently been married or is going to marry; something or someone wholeheartedly loved (especially figuratively speaking).

Bridegroom a man who has recently been married or is going to marry.

Bridesmaid a woman (especially unmarried female relative or friend) who attends the bride at wedding.

Bridge anything that provides passage or conveyance over a barrier, gap or difficulty; transitional passage connecting two movements or subjects (especially in music).

Brief a statement in few essential words; a summary.

Brightness the quality or state of being bright; cleverness; cheerfulness.

Brilliance the quality or state of being brilliant; magnificence; splendor; extreme or great brightness.

Brilliant a diamond or other precious gem of the finest cut.

Brio vivacity; vigor; spirit or animation (especially in music).

Brother one that which or who resembles another in distinctive qualities or traits of character; one closely united or related to another by some common tie or interest; a fellow man; comrade.



Bubble a small spherical vesicle of water or other fluid willed with some gas.

Bubbly champagne.

Bud one that is in the state of development, but not yet fully developed.

Buddy a comrade; a good friend; a partner.

Budget a summary of intended expenditure; a stock; a store; an accumulation.

Buff an ardent admirer or follower.

Buffet a table or counter from which food, meals or refreshments are served or a restaurant having such a counter.

Build physique of something (especially of human body).

Builder one who builds or constructs things.

Built shape; form; build.

Buoy a life buoy.

Burgeon a sprout; a bud.

Burnish a smooth and glossy appearance; luster; gloss.

Burst a sudden increase, opening or movement.

Buss a kiss.

Bustier a tight-fitting often strapless top worn as an outer garment or brassiere.

Bustle excited activity.

Buy something for sale or bought.

Buzz anything that creates excitement.


A bee is never as busy as it seems; it's just that it can't buzz any slower. - Kin Hubbard TWEET THIS


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