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Positive verbs that start with B "Letter B action words"



Backslap display or show excessive friendliness, goodwill or cordiality (especially by slapping person on the back).
Balance to be equivalent or equal n. a state of equilibrium; harmony.
Bargain to negotiate the terms of agreement; to exchange; trade.


Beatify to regard as happy, supremely blessed or as conferring happiness; to make blissful.
Beautify to become or make more attractive; to decorate or adorn.
Beckon to be or appear enticing or inviting (especially because of an attractive appearance); to make summoning or signaling gesture.
Befit to be appropriate for or suitable to; to become; to accord or comport with.
Befriend to act as a friend to; to favor; to aid; benefit.
Begin to start or come into being; originate; to come first in.
Benefit to be beneficial to; to do good to; to advantage.
Best to surpass all others in skill or achievement.
Bestow give or present as a gift; to apply or use; to store.
Better to make better; improve; to exceed or surpass.

Bless to make joyous, happy, blithesome or holy; to consecrate; to glorify; to praise; to guard; to keep; to protect.
Bliss to reach a state of complete or perfect happiness.
Bloom to shine; to glow; to flourish and grow with vigor and youth; to show beauty and freshness; to blossom.
Blossom yield or produce flowers; to come or develop to a promising stage; flourish or develop.


Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless. Paul Harris TWEET THIS


Bolster to support; reinforce; secure; hearten; buoy up.
Boost to raise or increase; to promote or assist in further progress or development.
Boss to control or supervise.
Bound move forward or progress by bounds and leaps; spring back.


Brief give essential information or preparatory information to someone; to summarize.
Brighten to become or make bright or brighter; become or make clear; to make to shine; to increase the luster of; to make more distinguished or illustrious; to make witty or acute; to enliven; to become or make more cheerful and light in mood.
Brisk to become or make lively; to enliven; to animate; to take.
Broaden to become or make broad or broader; extend in scope.


Bud to start to develop or grow.
Budget to plan in advance the cost or expenditure of; to use or make a budget.
Buff to make a character stronger; to make shiny and polish.
Build to develop and grow; to strengthen or bolster; use or establish as a basis for; found on.
Burgeon to grow or flourish (especially rapidly); to sprout; to put fort new greenery, buds or leaves; to begin to blossom or grow.
Bustle to act or move energetically and busily.
Busy to make or keep busy; to employ; to engage or keep engaged.
Buy to purchase; acquire; exchange; trade; to believe.


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