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Positive verbs that start with a "Letter A action words"



Positive verbs or verbs in generally are so called "action words". Verbs describe an action what someone or something is doing.

Achieve and acquire authority with this list of positive action words.


Abide to bear patiently; to tolerate; to endure; to sustain; to submit to; remain or continue in a state.
Abound be in highly productive; be in a state of action or movement; be abundant, plentiful or prevalent; be fully filled or supplied; exist in large amounts, numbers or quantities.
Absolve to free from a penalty, obligation or responsibility; to pardon; to finish; to accomplish; to resolve; to explain.
Abstract to summarize; epitomize; to create an abstraction.


Accelerate to act or move faster; to quicken the motion of; to increase or add the speed of; to gain speed; to hasten (especially the development or progress of); to progress from grade to grade more quickly than usual.
Accept to receive, admit or agree; give an affirmative reply or respond favorably to; to assent to; accommodate or tolerate oneself to; to consider or hold as proper, right, true or usual; admit into a community or group.
Access gain, obtain or reach access to.
Acclaim to applaud and praise enthusiastically (especially publicly); express or shout approval
Accommodate to render fit, correspondent or suitable; to adapt; to conform; to favor; to oblige; supply with; to provide for.
Accomplish put in effect; to gain with effort or bring to an issue of full success; to perform; to execute fully; to fulfill; to complete.
Accord to be in agreement, harmony or unity; to cause to agree or conform; to grant (especially as being appropriate or due); to give consent; to bestow upon.
Account to relate; to explain; to reckon; to compute; to count.
Accredit to believe; to credit; to put trust in; grant credentials to; ascribe an achievement to.
Accrue to increase; to accumulate; to augment; come into the possession of.
Accumulate to pile or gather up; amass; increase; to bring or collect together.
Accustom make physically or psychologically used; make someone or something accept something as usual or normal; to familiarize; to habituate.
Aced to get the better of; to receive a grade of A on; to perform with distinction on.
Achieve to carry out or perform with success; accomplish; finish; to gain or obtain; win.
Acknowledge accept or admit the existence or truth of; express recognition, obligation, gratitude or thanks for.
Acquaint make someone aware of or familiar with; inform; familiarize.
Acquiesce to rest or remain at rest apparently satisfied and without objection; to agree; to express agreement.
Acquire to gain or get something; to win something.
Acquit to clear off; to pay off; to requite; to release, rescue, set free or discharge from an obligation, duty, liability, burden or from an accusation or charge.
Act to behave, perform or play; to carry out an action or be in engaged in an activity; to behave in a certain manner
Activate to put or set into action, motion or work; to turn on; intensify; make active or more active.
Actualize make concrete or real; give substance or reality to; to portray or describe realistically.


A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Ayn Rand TWEET THIS


Adapt to fit for or make suitable to a specific use or situation.
Add to join or unite so as to increase in quantity, quality, size or scope; to make or create an addition.
Address to speak to or greet (especially with prescribed title or name); to direct the attention or efforts of; to aim; to prepare.
Adhere to be in support of something or remain devoted to; to be loyal to; to carry out an operation, plan or scheme; to cleave or stick fast; to become attached, joined or united; be in accordance or compatible with.
Adjust to make exact; to fit; to make correspondent or conformable; to bring into proper relations; to adapt or conform oneself; to improve as to achieve better accuracy.
Administer manage; to minister; to have charge of; apply or give (especially medications).
Admire to regard with wonder, astonishment, admiration or delight; to view with surprise or with admiration or elevated feeling of pleasure; to marvel at.
Adopt to assume; to take on; to choose and take or approve.
Adore love unquestioningly, intensely or to excess; venerate as an idol; to worship.
Adorn to make more beautiful or attractive; to decorate.
Adulate to admire or praise excessively.
Advance to bring forward; to move towards the front; to improve or make progress; to make to go on; to raise; to elevate; to promote; to lend or supply.
Advertise to make known or public; call attention to; try to sell something.
Advise to counsel; to recommend; to inform; to offer an opinion; to inform.
Advocate to plead, speak or argue in favor of; push for something.


Affiliate to trace origin to; keep company or become closely connected with; hang out with; to accept as a member.
Affirm to make firm; to confirm; ratify; strengthen or establish as with new evidence or facts positively.
Afford to provide, furnish, supply or make available; to be able to buy or pay something; to manage.


Agree to approve; accede; grant; correspond; to be appropriate, suitable, healthful, pleasing or consistent.


We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who don't. Frank A. Clark TWEET THIS


Aid to give help, support or assistance; be of service; improve.
Aim to direct or move toward a particular goal or thing; to propose or intend to do something.


Align to form in line, move or adjust into proper orientation or relationship.
Allay to calm, alleviate or relieve; abate.
Alleviate to ease, lighten or make less severe (especially pain); provide relief.
Allocate to assign or distribute (especially according to a plan); to localize; to designate.
Allow to permit; to let happen or do; to grant; to like; to assign.
Allure to attract; to entice; to be highly attractive.
Ally become an associate or ally; to unite or form friendly relationship.


Amaze affect with wonder; bewilder; astonish.
Ameliorate to become or make better; to improve; to heal; to meliorate.
Amend to make or become better; to remove the errors or faults; to enrich (especially soil).
Amp to amplify.
Amplify to become or make more intense, larger, potent, powerful or significant.


Analyze to examine methodically and carefully; break down into essential features or components.
Anoint choose or nominate someone as leading candidate for or successor to a position; to choose as if by divine intervention; to apply or put on ointment, oil or similar substance as a sacred rite (especially for consecration).
Answer to act, speak or write as a return as to question; to respond; to be accountable; to correspond or conform to.
Anticipate to realize or feel beforehand; to act in advance of; foresee; to be eager and excited about; accelerate.


Apologize to write or make an apology; defend; acknowledge shortcomings, faults or failing.
Appeal to make an earnest request (especially as for help); to be interesting or attractive.
Appease to make quiet; to calm; to relieve or satisfy; cause to be more favorably inclined; to gain the good will of; make or bring peace with.
Applaud to praise and express approval (especially by clapping the hands together); to commend highly.
Apply to bring into contact or nearness with something; to put into action, use or service; to address or direct; to seek or request assistance, admission or employment.
Appoint to establish; to fix with firmness or power; to set apart, assign or designate (especially by authority); to furnish or equip.
Appraise to evaluate or estimate the quality, size, amount and the like; to commend; to praise.
Appreciate to set a value or price on; to estimate justly; to value; to be sensible of; to distinguish; regard or admire highly; think much of; to recognize the significance or quality of.
Apprentice to be an apprentice to; to take or place on as a beginner or learner.
Approve to show to be true or real; to regard as good and acceptable; to demonstrate.


Arbitrate to judge; to decide and hear; to determine; to act as judge or arbitrator.
Arise to rise or get up (especially as from a prone or sitting position); to get up and awaken or come into existence; to move upward; ascend; originate; to come into being; to proceed, issue or result.
Arouse call forth (especially emotions, feelings and responses); excite; to wake from sleep or become conscious.
Arrange to organize; to prepare or plan for; to adjust; to settle; to come to an agreement.


Ascend to move, go or slope upward; to move upward along or upon; to rise or move up to a higher professional or social rank, station or level; to advance; to succeed.
Ascertain to discover; find out or learn definitely or with certainty; to make sure of.
Aspire to desire or hope with eagerness; to seek to attain something high or great.
Assemble to put or gather together; to liken; to compare.
Assent to agree as to a proposal or give approval to; concur.
Assess to estimate, determine or judge the value, significance or extent of; to charge.
Assign to appoint; to allot; to make over; to specify; to select or fix; to pass over or transfer property; give out; to attribute.
Assist to support or give aid; to help.
Associate connect or join together; join as an ally, friend or partner; form an association, league or union; to combine; to accompany.
Assure to inform positively or give confidence to; to make secure, safe or sure; to guarantee; to promise.
Astonish to affect with sudden amazement or wonder.
Astound to strike with amazement, wonderment or surprise.


Atone to harmonize or reconcile; to agree; to conciliate.
Attain to obtain or gain possession of; to accomplish or achieve; to come or arrive.
Attend be present at; deal with or take charge of; heed; to listen to; to pay attention.
Attest authenticate; affirm to be correct, genuine or true; to certify in an official capacity or by signature; to supply evidence of.
Attract to arouse admiration, attention or interest; to pull toward (especially without touching).
Attribute to associate authorship or ownership of something to someone; credit to.


Audit to examine, correct or verify (especially financial accounts); to attend (especially courses, lectures and classes as an auditor).
Augment to increase or enlarge in amount, size or degree; to grow; intensify.
Authorize to grant permission, power or authority to; to make legal; to justify.
Automate make automatic; control or operate automatically.


Award to grant or give as merited or due (especially as a reward or honor).


Man gives you the award but God gives you the reward. Denzel Washington TWEET THIS


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with a and positive nouns starting with a.


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