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Positive nouns that start with D "Letter D naming words"

List of positive nouns starting with D

Dainty something which is delicious; value; excellence; worth; a matter of joy, pleasure or gratification.
Dancer one who dances or practices dancing.
Daring boldness; audacious courage.
Darling dearly beloved; a favorite.

Dean the senior or administrative member of some group of people (usually university).
Dear one that is much loved; a very lovable, endearing or kind person.
Decency the quality of being decent, polite and respectable; propriety; that which is becoming or proper.
Deep that which is profound.
Defender one who defends and cares about something.
Definite anything that is determined or defined.
Delectable something highly delightful, delicious or pleasing (especially food or drink).
Delight something that gives great enjoyment or pleasure.
Demulcent a soothing substance.
Dependable someone or something that is reliable.
Deserving worthiness; merit.
Designer one who designs, plans or mark out.
Desirable a thing that someone or someone’s want.
Devisee one to whom property is given or devised by will.
Devisor testator; one who devises or gives real estate by will.
Devotee an ardent admirer or enthusiast; supporter.
Devotional a piece of writing or music about or pertaining to devotion.
Devout a devotee; devotion.

Didactic a treatise on education or teaching.
Director one that manages, supervises or controls.
Disciple one who receives instructions from; follower.
Discoverer one who reveals, uncovers or makes known; a scout; an explorer; one who is the first to observe or find something.
Distributor one who or thing which distributes; one that sells or markets something.

Doer one who does something; one who acts or executes; one who is active; energetic person or thing.
Doll an attractive and pretty woman or girl; sweetheart; darling; a helpful person; a children's toy (usually a human figure, typically one of a baby or girl).

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Donee one who receives gift or donation; the recipient of benefits or funds.
Donor one who donates or gives; a benefactor.
Doting extreme fondness.
Doyen a leader or senior member of a group; a leading light.
Doyenne a female doyen.

Dream a daydream; a visionary scheme; a wish; a hope.
Dreamboat a luxurious; a good-looking or sexually attractive person.

Dynamic an efficient incentive.
Dynamite anything exceptionally exciting or wonderful.
Dynamo an energetic or lively person; something that works as an energetic and driving force.


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