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Positive adjectives that start with F "Descriptive Words"

Get results fast with these describing f words - f word in this case stands for fantastic, but you of course already knew that :)

Put your faith on these positive words and fortify and freshen up your fancy vocabulary.




Fab wonderful; fabulous; extremely pleasing.
Fabulous astonishing; exceedingly pleasing; outstanding.
Facile easy; easily achievable or done; quick; ready.
Factual real; genuine; containing or characterized by facts.
Facultative optional; having permission, privilege or power to do something; enabling.
Fain satisfied; happy; willing; contended
Fair light in color; very beautiful and pleasing appearance; reasonable
Faithful having a faith or full of faith; one who has firm belief to oaths, promises, contracts, treaties etc.
Famed widely and well-known and esteemed; noted.
Familial having the characteristics of a family; family-like.
Familiar informal; intimate; friendly; known to one; acquainted.
Family suitable for anyone and all ages.
Famous renowned; well-known in public; excellent.
Fancy highly decorative; fine; of a superior grade; extravagant.
Fantastic excellent; marvelous; wonderful; unreal; existing only in fantasy.
Far-reaching having broad effect, range or influence.
Far-sighted ability to see and focus to a great distance; planning carefully for the future.
Fascinating attractive; captivating; mysterious.
Fashionable stylish and elegant; having refined taste in manners or dress.
Fast capable of moving or acting quickly; steadfast; lasting.
Faultless free from error or defect; perfect.
Favorable helpful; advantageous; encouraging; useful; supporting; pleasing.
Favored aided; regarded with kindness; countenanced; preferred above others.
Favorite preferred above all others; appealing to the general population.



Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. - Mother Teresa TWEET THIS



Fearless bold; free from fear; brave.
Feasible capable of being executed or done; logical.
Fecund highly fertile; capable of producing offspring; fruitful; intellectually productive and innovating.
Felicitous working out well; fitting; prosperous; successful; marked by good luck; happy; delightful; exhibiting an agreeably style or manner.
Fertile fecund; fruitful; productive; prolific; capable of developing and growing.
Fervent glowing; extremely hot; eager; warmly earnest; characterized by intense passion and emotion.
Festal offering gaiety and fun; joyous; festive.
Festive joyous; merry; mirthful; sportive.
Fetching very attractive; charming; alluring; capturing interest.



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Fiery passionate; glowing; spirited; very active; unrestrained; very intense; resembling fire.
Fine attractive; good-looking; of superior quality; smooth; nice; thin; keen; characterized by elegance.
Finer greater in excellence or quality.
Finest most fine or delicate.
Firm strong; solid; not easily disturbed; steady; constant; unshaken.
First best; highest; earliest; most excellent.
First-class highest or best of the class, rank or quality; very good.
First-rate of the highest quality, importance or rank; exceptionally good.
Fit proper; appropriate; healthy; in good shape; adapted or suitable to a purpose.
Fitting appropriate; ready; suitable; proper; being precisely right size.



A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of the discussion. Ludwig Wittgenstein TWEET THIS



Flamboyant richly colored; highly elaborate; ornate; showy or bold in behavior.
Flash showy; stylish; happening suddenly; expensive looking.
Flashy showy; visually impressive or appealing; dazzling or wonderful for a moment.
Flavorful tasteful; savory; full of flavor or pleasant taste.
Flawless perfect; free from defects and flaws.
Fleet moving rapidly, swiftly or nimbly; light; thin.
Flexible adaptable; responsive or capable of being changed, adjusted or molded.
Flourishing very lively; flowering; prosperous; thriving.
Fluent capable of flowing or moving smoothly; able to express oneself effortlessly and well.
Flying capable to fly; moving swiftly.


Focused brought into focus or being in focus.
Fond friendly; having or showing affection or warmth; tender; loving; cherished.
Forceful powerful; mighty; effective.
Foremost first; of a higher position or rank; before or above anything else; paramount.
Foresighted foreseeing; provident for the future; prescient.
Forgiving able or inclined to forgive; providing absolution; compassionate.
Formidable causing or inspiring awe, wonder or admiration as a result of some impressive quality; difficult to overcome; extremely impressive in excellence or strength.
Forthcoming about to appear; approaching; available or ready when needed; cooperative.
Forthright straightforward; without subtlety.
Fortified having something added to increase the security, durability or strength.
Fortuitous happening by happy chance or accident; occurring unexpectedly; fortunate or lucky.
Fortunate bringing something good and not foreseen; lucky; favorable chance.
Forward eager; being ahead of current trend or trends; expected in the future.
Foundational fundamental; underlying; of relating to foundations or foundation.
Four-star superior in quality.
Foxy attractive; sexy; stylish.



We never taste happiness in perfection, our most fortunate successes are mixed with sadness. Pierre Corneille TWEET THIS



Fragrant having pleasant or sweet odor.
Frank open, honest and sincere in expression; straightforward; unrestrained; generous
Fraternal brotherly; a close comradeship.
Free costing nothing; clear; liberal; unconstrained; able to act, do or be done as one wants or wishes.
Freely frank; free; generous.
Fresh new; clear and bright; clean; fruitful; recently made or harvested; just arrived; first-rate; refreshing; youthful.
Friendly comforting; pleasant and kind; warm;; helpful; like a friend; approachable.
Frisky energetic; lively; playful; enthusiastic.
Frolicsome playful and frisky; full of mirth and high-spirited fun; sportive.
Front-page worthy of coverage; of major importance; cover page.
Fruitful fertile; prolific; producing abundantly; bountiful; liberal; producing results, profit or yield.

Fulfilled finished or completed to perfection.
Fulfilling which causes feeling of fulfillment or satisfaction.
Full plump and/or rounded in shape; being at the peak of maturity or development; rich and full of aroma; complete in every way; of maximum degree or highest degree or quality; total; entire; providing an abundance; filled up.
Fun enjoyable; flamboyant; amusing; entertaining; light-hearted.
Funny causing amusement, laughter or mirth; intended to amuse or being comical; amusing; humorous; curious or strange in a good way.
Futuristic characterized by vision of the future; modern; being ahead of the times.


Have a fruitful and frisky day!


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4 thoughts on “Positive adjectives that start with F "Descriptive Words"

arun jose

what about flabbergasted and flawless

September 17, 2020 at 11:26am
Dean Forward

In 2003 I changed my surname which simply meant ‘Jeffs son’ to ‘Forward’ for its’ positive connotations.

March 29, 2020 at 15:28pm

Friday. Friday is the most positive word of the week. I couldn’t find it on the list.

February 12, 2020 at 00:09am

Beautastically done! Love the word “facultative”- will use your site in the future. Very please with the variety & freshness. Great job, keep it going…. don’t stop adding!

I am a writer & a poet – this is the only site we need to get at “that other” word! Bravo!

February 12, 2020 at 00:09am

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