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Positive nouns that start with P "Letter P naming Words"

Positive nouns that start with P


Pacifist one who is opposed to war or to violence of any kind.
Pal mate; partner; chum; friend.
Paradigm a model or an example; an illustration; one that serves as a model or pattern.
Paradise a place of ideal loveliness, bliss and beauty; heaven.
Paragon a fellow; companion; mate; a person, pattern or model of special perfection or excellence.
Paramount one that is highest; the chief; a superior.
Pard a fellow; a chap; a partner; a mate; a panther or leopard.
Pardon the act of forgiving or excusing an offense or mistake.
Parent an ancestor; an origin; one who produces; a father or mother.
Participant one who shares or participates in an activity.
Particular an individual fact, detail or item; personal peculiarity, character or trait.
Partisan one who is passionately and strongly devoted to a cause, idea, faction or person.
Partner a member of business or enterprise partnership; one that is associated or united with others in an activity or common interest; a spouse.
Passion a powerful or enthusiastic emotion or feeling; an object of great affection or devotion.
Pathfinder one who discovers a new way or course; an explorer; a forecast or experimental plan.
Patience the quality of being patient; permission; perseverance.
Patient one who receives treatment or care (especially medical attention).
Patriarch a man or old member or leader of a group; one who is regarded as the founder of an organization, enterprise or tradition.
Patron one who support or protects someone or something; a defender; a customer; a master.

Peace a state of tranquility and harmony; a state free of war and oppressive activities.
Peacekeeper one who promotes or preserves peace.
Peach a particularly attractive, admirable or pleasing person or thing.
Peak a period of greatest productivity or prosperity; the highest degree or level attainable; the highest amount or value possible; the highest point.
Pearl one that is highly regarded for its value or beauty; a white or bluish-grey, hard and lustrous spherical mass, formed within the shell of a pearl oyster that is highly prized as a gem; something resembling a pearl.
Peer a nobleman; a companion; an associate; an equal; a match.
Pep high spirits; energy and liveliness.
Perfection the state of being without defect or flaw; the act of perfecting.
Perfectionist one who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high or best standards.
Performer one who performs, entertains, accomplishes or fulfills.
Personality the totality of traits and qualities, as of behavior or character, which are peculiar to a specific person; a person who is notable or famous; a celebrity.
Perspective true understanding and sense of the relative importance of things; a particular way of regarding or attitude towards something; a point of view; outlook; vista.
Pet a person especially indulged, cherished or loved; an object of the affection; a favorite.

Phenomenon a significant or unusual occurrence or fact; a marvel; an outstanding or remarkable person or thing; a paragon. 
Philanthropist a very generous institution or person.
Philanthropy love to mankind in general; a charitable institution or foundation.
Philosopher one who is devoted to studying and producing results in philosophy; a wise person.

Pick someone or something perceived as the best in a group; the act of choosing or selecting.
Pilot a guide; something that serves as a basis or model for making copies; an instrument for detecting error in the compass; a part of a device, machine or toll that guides or leads the whole.
Pin-up one who represents a cause or idea; a pretty woman or girl who works as a photographer’s model.
Pioneer one who opens or creates new ideas, development or research; one who is first or among the earliest in any field.
Pivot the crucial or central factor.

Plan a method, scheme or program worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective or goal.
Planner one who plans.
Play jesting or fun; the act of taking part in a game or other recreational activity; action; motion.
Player one who participates in a game, sports or plays a part in something; a body, group or person that is influential and involved in an activity or area; one who plays a musical instrument.
Playmate a companion in amusement, recreation or play.
Pleasing satisfaction; approbation.
Pleasure the feeling or state of being gratified, satisfied or pleased; someone or something that provides a source of gratification or happiness.
Plenitude abundance; fullness; completeness.
Plenty a more than enough; a large amount or quantity; abundance; fullness.

Poet one who writes, composes or indites poems or poetry.
Poise a state of equilibrium or balance.
Positive an affirmative characteristic.
Possessor one who owns or possesses something.
Possible something that can be done or happen.
Postulant one who makes or submits request or demand; a candidate; a petitioner.
Potential anything that may be or become possible or into existence.

Pragmatic a person of business; a person skilled in affairs.
Praise the expression of admiration or approval for something or someone.
Prayer a reverent petition made to object of worship; a fervent request or hope.
Precious one who is beloved or dear; a darling.
Preemption the right to get or purchase something before others.
Premier a chief administrative officer.
Premium a high value or unusual; a bonus or money paid in addition to a regular price or salary.
Presence the state of being present; current occurrence or existence.
Present a gift; present time.
Presenter one who presents or makes a gift of.
President a head or chief of state, corporation, institution or society; a guardian; a ruler.
Pretty one that is attractive, or beautiful.
Primary one that is first in quality, importance, order or degree.
Prime the period of greatest productivity or prosperity.
Primogenitor the earliest ancestor; a forefather.
Prince a nobleman of varying rank or status; a male ruler (especially the son of monarch); a sovereign; a very admirable, attractive, charismatic and/or decent person.
Princess a female member of a royal family (especially a daughter of a monarch); a queen; a noblewoman of varying rank or status; a woman regarded as having the characteristics, qualities or status of a princess; an elegant or fashionable young woman.
Principal one who has a leading role.
Prize valuation; estimation; a reward.
Pro a professional or expert.
Proconsul a high administrator or magistrate (especially in modern colonial empires).
Procreator one who procreates, originates or creates something; a generator.
Proctor a supervisor.
Prodigy one with exceptional powers, skills or talents; an omen.
Produce a product or products collectively (especially agricultural or natural); the results of a person’s efforts or work.
Producer one that creates, manufactures or produces; one who supervises the finances or creation.
Professional an expert or skilled practitioner.
Professor an instructor or teacher (especially in university); a very wise person.
Progenitor a forefather; a predecessor; an originator; a founder.
Progeny descendant or offspring; a product or result of a creative effort.
Progress growth or development; advance or movement as toward a goal.
Progressive one who actively favors or strives for toward better conditions.
Prolepsis the representation of something as existing its proper or historical time; an assumed or first principle.
Promoter one that promotes, advances or forwards; an encourager; an informer.
Promotion the act of promoting, encouragement or advancement; the act of informing; advertising.
Promulgator one who publishes or promulgates.
Prophet a predictor; a soothsayer; one who predicts future.
Proponent one who puts forward a proposal or proposition; one who favors or supports something.
Proposer one who suggests or proposes; a speaker.
Proprietor one who has the legal right or exclusive title to anything (especially business); an owner.
Prospective the scene around or before in time; view; prospect.
Protagonist a principal or leading figure; a champion.
Protective something that protects from harm.
Protector one who guards, defends or protects.
Protégé a person under the protection, patronage or care of someone.
Provider one that provides a service, commodity or the means of subsistence.
Provocative anything that is stimulating and provocative.

Publisher one who publishes.
Purveyor one who provides, supplies or purveys.


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