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Positive verbs that start with P "Letter P action words"



Pacify to restore or bring a state of peace.
Pal become friends or act friendly towards.
Paragon to compare or equal; parallel; match.
Pardon forgive an offense; grant or accept an excuse for.
Parent to act as a parent or raise; originate.
Partner to bring together as partners or to be the partner of; to perform or work as a partner.


Peak to achieve or bring to a maximum of value, intensity or development.
Pearl to cover or decorate with pearls.
Peer to look searchingly or intently; show; to come in sight; to make equal in.
Pep to bring energy, enthusiasm and high spirits.
Perfect to make complete or perfect; to master.
Persevere be or remain persistent to a idea, purpose or task (especially in the face of discouragement or obstacles); avoid giving over; be constant.
Pet caress and stroke gently; to engage in romantic or sexual activity with one’s partner (not sexual intercourse) 



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Pick to select; to gather; to take up.
Pilot to control or serving as a pilot; to guide through difficulties or dangers.
Pioneer to go first or before and open or prepare a way; initiate or participate in the development and/or making of.
Pivot to cause to turn, rotate or revolve.


Plan to formulate specific purpose, goal or aim; intend.
Play to take part in amusement, sport, game or other recreation; to be performed, received or accepted; to move, use or handle.
Please to give pleasure, enjoyment or satisfaction; to satisfy or make happy; be agreeable; to wish; to be the desire or will of.
Pleasure to give, seek or take pleasure.


Poise to balance; to hold or carry in equilibrium.
Possess to own something; to have as characteristic, quality or other attribute.
Power supply the power, electricity or force for.


Praise express admiration or warm approval of.
Pray to make a fervent entreaty or request; to hope; address a deity.
Prepare to make or get ready beforehand for a specific purpose.
Present to introduce of bring before the public; to make an award or gift for; to make a presentation; to furnish or afford.
Pretty to make pretty or beautify.
Prime to prepare; to instruct or inform beforehand.
Prize to value or regard greatly or highly; treasure or esteem; evaluate.
Proctor to supervise or manage.
Produce to manufacture or create; to yield; to bring forth (especially to market).
Progress to proceed or advance; to improve.
Promote to contribute to the progress, cause or growth of; to raise or advance to a more important, next, responsible rank, grade or job.
Prompt to act or move; incite; spur; inspire; remind.
Promulgate to make public or known; announce or state.
Propose to suggest or offer for consideration, action or acceptance; to present or nominate; intend.
Prosper to succeed, favor, grow or increase.


Publish announce; to issue and prepare for public attention, distribution or sale.
Purify to purge or clear; to free from foreign objects or elements.
Purpose intend or propose; reach a decision.


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