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Positive verbs that start with W "Letter W action words"



Waft to cause to go smoothly and gently through the air or over water; to float gently and easily.
Wag to move briskly and swing from side to side.
Wage to engage in or carry on (especially a campaign).
Waggle to wobble; to move or sway from side to side.
Wake to be brought into a state of alertness or awareness; to make aware of; excite or arouse passions and feelings.
Waken to become aware, awake or conscious.
Walk to go on foot for exercise or pleasure; to behave of conduct oneself in a particular manner.
Wall to fortify; to protect.
Wander to move or walk in a leisurely manner.
Want to wish for or desire greatly; to request the assistance or presence of; to like.
Warble to sing with trills, quavers, runs or other melodic embellishments.
Warish to heal or cure; to get better or recover.
Warp to send forth; to throw; to leap.
Wash to cleanse (especially by water and soap or other liquids); to make wet or moist; to purify.
Watch to observe or look carefully or attentively; to guard.
Water to irrigate (especially land); to sprinkle or pour water on.
Waterproof to make water-resistant or waterproof.
Wave to wave one’s hand in departure or greeting; to move back and forth; to fluctuate.
Way to progress; to move.


Weal to cause to be prosperous.
Wear to carry or have on the person as adornment, covering or protection; to display or bear in one’s appearance or aspect.
Weave to make (especially clothing).
Wed to marry; to unite closely.
Wedlock to marry or wed.
Weed to remove as unwanted or unsuitable; to free from anything harmful .
Ween to imagine or think; to believe; to fancy.
Weet to know; to wit.
Welcome to accept, affirm or greet something or someone gladly or willingly.
Weld to bring into union or close association; to join (especially metals by welding).
Well to pour forth or rise to the surface.


Wheedle to entice or influence by flattery or soft words.
Wheel to move or roll on or as if on wheels or wheel; rotate or revolve.
Whelp to give birth (especially to whelp).
Whet to make more keen, eager or sharp; to excite; to stimulate; hone.
Whimsey to make fantastic or fanciful.
Whip to defeat, conquer or surpass; to move or take by a sudden motion.
Whirl to spin, revolve or turn rapidly; to move swiftly; to have a sensation of spinning; to make something to whirl.
Whistle to make a kind of musical sound with mouth.
Whiz to move swiftly or rapidly.


Widen to become or make wide, wider or larger in size or scope; to spread; to extend.
Wield to exercise; to govern; to rule; to control, guide or manage.
Wiggle to move back and forth with quick motions; to shake; to jiggle.
Willow to cleanse and open textile fibers (especially with a willow).
Wilne to desire; to wish.
Win be victorious; obtain advantages or gain success; to overtake; to reach; to gain.
Wind to dry or ventilate; to encircle or wrap something around a center; to go along; to detect the presence of someone or something (especially by scent).
Wing to fly; to furnish or provide with wings.
Wink to blink; twinkle; nod; glow or gleam intermittently.
Wire to connect, attach or bind (especially with wires or wire).
Wish to hope; to desire; to want; to express wishes for.
Withhold to keep in check; to maintain.


Wonder to be amazed or aroused by something incredible or surprising; have a desire or wish to know something.
Woo to court or solicit in love; to make amorous advances; to invite; try to achieve.
Work o operate; to function; to have a given outcome or effect; to effect; bring about; prove successful; to progress or proceed; to solve a problem by reasoning; to excite.
Worship to love and honor something (especially something sacred or deity); to adore with devotion.
Wow impress a lot or greatly; to amaze.


Wrap to finalize; to enclose or cover in paper or soft material (especially for protection or warmth).
Write to compose and send a letter or piece of writing to someone; to compose music; complete or fill in (a sheet, form, paper etc.); to spell; to communicate by writing


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