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Positive verbs that start with V "Letter V action words"



Vail to take off the hat as a token of respect 
Valance to decorate with drapery or hangings 
Validate to make or declare valid (especially legally); to confirm.
Value estimate or evaluate the value; appraise; think or regard highly of; assign or determine the value of 
Vamp to patch up; refurbish; to put together; improvise; to advance; to travel 
Vamper to swagger.
Van to cleanse by fanning; to winnow; to wash (especially a small portion of ore) 
Vantage to aid; to profit
Variegate to diversify or add variety (especially to appearance with different colors).
Vary to diversify or modify.
Vault to leap or jump; to accomplish something as if by leaping suddenly 
Vaunce to advance.
Vaunt to show off; to display; to boast 


Vegetate to sprout or grow.
Venerate to regard or treat with great respect, reverence or deference.
Vent to discharge or release through an opening; to let out feelings (especially to relax, feel better and less anxious).
Ventilate to freshen and circulate through; to oxygenate or aerate.
Venture to dare; undertake brave or daring course of action or journey; to trust; to rely on 
Verify to test, prove or confirm the truth or accuracy of something; to affirm; to support; to fulfill.
Vernate to flourish; to become young or fresh again.
Vest to clothe with a garment or vestment; to dress; to furnish; to invest.


Vibrate to produce a sound (especially by vibration); to resonate; to wave or flourish something in excitement; to feel sudden emotion or sensation.
Victual to provide with food or eat n. provisions; food supplies.
Vie to strive for superiority or victory.
View to look or study carefully; to study or survey mentally; to think of something in a particular manner; consider; regard.
Vindicate to set free or liberate; to clear from an accusation, blame, suspicion or criticism; to deliver; to prove or justify the worth of.
Visit to spend time with or go to see someone; call on socially; to go to see and meet in order to air or console; go to see a place or event as for entertainment; to stay with as a guest; to access; to discuss or consider.
Visor to protect or provide with a visor 
Visualize to see mentally or in the imagination; to make visible or visual.
Vitalize to make more lively; to invigorate; to give energy and strength to.
Vivificate to give life; to revive.
Vivify to bring life; to animate; give energy or new life to; enliven.


Vocalize to express or produce with voice; to give voice to; state clearly.
Voice to publish; to announce; to elect; to appoint 
Volunteer to offer to do or perform a service of one’s own free will 
Vote express a support, choice or opinion; make available or bring into existence by 
Vouch to support; to back; to guarantee; to establish; give substantiation.
Voyage to traverse or travel (especially by ship) 
Vow to promise solemnly; to pledge 


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