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Positive nouns that start with V "Letter V naming Words"


Valedictorian the student usually with the highest academic rank or grades who delivers the valedictory or farewell address at commencement.

Valiant a valiant or brave person.

Validator someone or something that validates.

Valor boldness; courage; bravery; value; worth.

Valuable something of value or worth.

Value the quality that renders something valuable, desirable or worthy; esteem; regard.

Vast immensity; a large quantity or size.

Vaulter someone or something that vaults.


Veracity truthfulness; precision; accuracy.

Vestal a female virgin; a chaste and/or pure woman.

Veteran one who is experienced.


VIP an influential or important person.

Virtue goodness; moral righteousness or excellence; valor; bravery; spirit; any good or admirable quality.

Virtuosity the state or quality of skill; exceptional skill.

Visionary one who has visions or positive ideas about future.

Visitor someone or something that visits; a guest.

Vitality power to live, survive, grow or develop; vital force; animation; vigor; energy. 


Vogue the prevailing style, fashion or practice; sway; influence.

Votary one who is fervently devoted, engaged, consecrated by a promise, vow or ideal; an enthusiast.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with v and positive verbs starting with v.


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