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Positive adjectives that start with V "virtuous words"

Positive adjectives that start with V



Valiant brave; courageous; heroic; strong.
Valid just; well grounded; strong; good; efficient; acceptable; correct; proper.
Validatory serving to validate, support or corroborate.
Valorous characterized by showing or having valor.
Valuable having value, importance or worth; estimable; precious.
Valued esteemed; prized; highly regarded.
Vast very wide, large or spacy; very great in importance or force; mighty.
Vaulting overreaching; exaggerated; leaning over or upward.



Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. H. Jackson Brown, Jr. TWEET THIS



Vehement characterized by energy, vigor or passion; passionate; very ardent, fervent or eager; forceful; intense.
Venerable worthy of reverence or veneration; greatly honored.
Venturesome adventurous; bold; daring; intrepid.
Venust beautiful; amiable.
Veracious truthful; honest; accurate; precise.
Verdurous having youthful, fresh or new qualities; verdant; freshly green.
Veridical truthful; true; veracious.
Verified proved to be true or right.
Versatile changeable; variable; having great variety or diversity; freely movable.
Versed turned; turned over; skilled or knowledgeable through experience or study; practiced.
Very true; absolute; real; actual; veritable; precisely as stated; the same.
Vestal pure; chaste.
Veteran skilled and experienced in a particular field.



Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health. Dalai Lama TWEET THIS



Viable capable or possible of being done; capable of continuing effectiveness or success; capable of living.
Vibrant lively; vigorous; bright; resonating; created as a result of vibration.
Vibratile characterized by vibration.
Victor victorious.
Victorious being the winner in something; having won; expressing a sense of triumph or victory.
Vigilant watchful; wary; alert; carefully attentive or observant.
Vigorous physically or mentally active, energetic and strong.
Virile characterized by masculine strength, spirit, power or vigor; potent.
Virtuous showing or having excellent moral character; pure; righteous; valiant; efficacious.
Visionary characterized by foresight or vision; illusory; idealistic; prophetic; revelatory n. one who has visions or positive ideas about future.
Vital characteristic of relating to life; very important; necessary for life; essential; viable.
Vivacious lively; animated; merry; long-lived.
Vivid clear; brilliant; bright; intense; powerful; colorful; detailed; lively.



It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. John Wooden TWEET THIS



Vocal having or produced by a voice; resounding; outspoken.
Volant flying; able to fly; agile; nimble; active; rapid; quick and light.
Volitional done intentionally or consciously.
Voluptuous sexy; curvaceous; full-figured; characterized by full, luxury, generous or pleasurable sensation.
Voracious engaging in an activity with great enthusiasm or eagerness.

Vulnerary used or useful in the healing; curative.


Have a valiant and vibrant day!


ps. See positive verbs starting with v and positive nouns starting with v.



This was very helpful and I absolutely love the quote from the Dalai Lama!!!


extremely helpful for making poems at school.


This was very helpful while trying to write positive acrostic poems about ourselves in homeroom. Thank you!


This is very helpful for creating poems for school


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