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Positive adjectives that start with U "Descriptive Words"

Up your game and vocabulary with these upbeat positive adjectives from unusual to uber.


Ultimate list of positive adjectives starting with U

Use these positive words that begin with the letter U to cultivate a sense of positivity, encourage empathetic communication, inspire friends or use them in your projects & handicrafts. Positive describing U words are waiting your ultra skilled mind to put em to good use!


Positive adjectives starting with ub

Uber super; very high-level.


Positive adjectives starting with ul

Ultimate greatest possible; most extreme; maximum; farthest; utmost; fundamental.
Ultra extremely excellent or good; extreme; far beyond the norm or casual.
Ultraprecise extremely precise, specific, detailed or exact.



Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci TWEET THIS



Positive adjectives starting with un

Unabashed not embarrassed or disconcerted; not disguised or concealed; obvious.
Unadulterated pure; pristine; free from impurities; not mixed, diluted or mingled with anything; utter.
Unaffected not affected, modified or changed; genuine; real; sincere.
Unafraid free from fear; fearless; secure.
Unalloyed pure; complete; unmixed.
Unambiguous exhibiting or having a clearly defined meaning; clear; certain.
Unanimous agreeing in opinion or in complete agreement; harmonious.
Unarguable true.
Unassuming modest; not assuming or arrogant.
Unattached not restricted by rules or relationship; free.
Unbeaten not defeated, conquered or surpassed; champion.
Unbelieavable incredible; beyond belief.
Unbiased free from prejudice or bias.
Unbigoted not bigoted or opinionated.
Unblemished spotless; pure; faultless.
Unbroken intact; whole; in one piece; continuous.
Uncommon rare; unusual; remarkable; exceptional.
Uncomplicated simple; clear; not complex.
Unconditional absolute; not conditional or contingent.
Uncontestable incontestable.
Unconventional out of the ordinary; free in character or action.
Uncorrupted pure; whole; not depraved.
Uncritical indulgent; not critical; undiscriminating.
Undamaged not damaged, harmed or injured; sound.
Undauntable fearless; intrepid; indomitable.
Undaunted showing resolution and courage; fearless; not disheartened or depressed by fear.
Undefeated always victorious; never defeated.
Undefiled uncorrupted; unsullied; unpolluted; free from blemish or stain.
Undeniable irrefutable; unobjectionable; excellent.
Understandable comprehensible; intelligible.
Understanding knowing; intelligent; compassionate.
Understood fully apprehended as to explanation or meaning; agreed on.
Undesigning having no fraudulent or ulterior motives; straightforward; sincere.
Undiminished not diminished or lessened.
Undisputed accepted without question; generally agreed upon.
Undivided whole; unified; not shared or divided by.
Undoubted without doubt or question; undisputed.
Unencumbered free from encumbrance, worries or responsibilities.
Unequalled unmatched; without equal.
Unequivocal unambiguous; evident; clear; sincere.
Unerring consistently accurate and not committing mistakes; sure; unfailing.
Unfailing not liable to failure or error; certain; sure.
Unfaltering not faltering, failing or hesitating; not shakable; steadfast.
Unfaultable not capable of being faulted or erroneous.
Unfeigned not feigned or counterfeit; genuine; real.
Unfettered unrestrained.
Unflagging unceasing; without rest or slowing; untiring.
Unflappable characterized by calmness and composure; not easily upset, excited or perturbed.
Ungrudging without reluctance or envy; liberal; hearty.
Unhampered not restricted, hindered, slowed or blocked.
Unharmed unharmed; undamaged.
Unhesitating prompt; ready; steadfast; unfaltering.
Unhurt uninjured; unharmed; not hurt.
Unified acting or operating as unit; united into a whole.
Unimpaired not impaired or damaged in any sense.
Unimpeachable impossible or difficult to impeach; blameless; free of guilt.
Unimpeded not prevented or slowed.
Unique unparalleled; unequaled; highly unusual; the single of its kind.
United joined; combined; being in harmony; made one; allied.
Universal applicable to all conditions, purposes or situations; relating or affecting to the entire world.
Unlimited limitless; infinite; boundless.
Unmistakable impossible to misinterpret or mistake; obvious; clear.
Unmitigated not moderated or diminished; unrelieved; absolute.
Unobjectionable not liable to objection; acceptable.
Unobstructed free from obstruction or hindrance; clear.
Unobtrusive not obtrusive, noticeable or blatant; modest; inconspicuous.
Unopposed without opposition or opponent.
Unparalleled without equal; unmatched.
Unprejudiced free from prejudice or undue bias; impartial.
Unpretentious not pretentious; simple; humble; plain; modest.
Unquestionable not questionable; undeniable; beyond doubt.
Unrefuted not refuted.
Unreserved not reserved, restricted or limited; unrestrained.
Unrivalled having no rival; above comparison; champion.
Unruffled not agitated emotionally; calm; serene; tranquil.
Unselfish generous; altruistic; selfless.
Unshakable not shakable; unfaltering; unwavering.
Unshaken not agitated or shaken; firm; steady.
Unspoiled not spoiled, ruined, decayed or corrupted; pure.
Unspoilt see UNSPOILED.
Unstoppable unable or difficult to be stopped.
Unsullied not sullied or disgraced; pure; clean and fresh.
Unsurpassed surpassing, exceeding or outdone all others in some manner.
Untarnished not tarnished, soiled or stained; an untarnished reputation.
Untiring tireless; inexhaustible; resolute.
Untouched not affected or influenced; undamaged; pristine state.
Untroubled not distracted or disturbed; free from worries or troubles; easy in mind.
Unusual not usual, normal or ordinary; uncommon.
Unwavering constant; steadfast; fixed; not unstable.



Be patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious. Phillips Brooks TWEET THIS



Positive adjectives starting with up

Up raised; lifted; standing; optimistic; upbeat; cheerful; ready; functional; working
Upbeat happy; optimistic; having a fast and positive tone.
Upcoming forthcoming; happening or occurring soon or in near future.
Uplifted elevated emotionally with optimism.
Uplifting emotionally, morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring hope or happiness.
Uppermost highest in position or place; first in order; supreme.
Upright having a good ethical values; righteous; just.
Upstanding reputable; respectable; honest; morally upright.
Up-to-date incorporating the latest developments, information and trends; current; recent.
Upward directed toward a higher position or place.



Positive adjectives starting with ur

Urbane polite; courteous; refined; elegant.

Positive adjectives starting with us

Usable fit or capable of being used.
Useful being of use or service; having a useful function or purpose; beneficial.
User-friendly easy to use (especially for untrained users).
Utmost the most extreme; greatest; farthest.
Uttermost of the greatest possible intensity, extent or degree; outermost; utmost n. the greatest possible degree or amount.


The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons. Aristotle TWEET THIS



Have an unsullied and upbeat day!


ps. See also positive verbs starting with u and positive nouns starting with u.


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Tom Charlton

This was really helpful thank you so much you helped me write my mum a card 😊

May 1, 2020 at 12:13pm

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