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Positive verbs that start with U "Letter U action words"



Unanchor to liberate; become detached.
Unbias to free from prejudice or bias. 
Unbenumb restore sensation to; relieve of numbness.
Unburden to relieve or free from trouble or burden; to ease.
Unconfound to reduce or free from confusion.
Uncover to reveal; to disclose; to show openly; to take off the hat as a token of respect.
Underbear to endure; to support; to guard.
Underfong to receive; to accept; to sustain or support; to guard.
Understand to comprehend the meaning of something; to have understanding; to learn something; to support.
Undertake agree or decide to do; to set about; to begin; to commit oneself.
Unfetter to free; to let loose; to unchain; to liberate.
Unite to join or bring together (especially as one or whole); to combine.


Up to raise or increase 
Upbear to support or hold in an elevated situation; to sustain; to bear up.
Upcheer to enliven; to cheer up.
Upgrade to improve or add quality or value; to replace an existing object with a better one.
Uphold to raise; to hold aloft; to elevate; to keep from falling; to sustain; to maintain; to support; to aid by approval or encouragement.
Uplift to raise or elevate; fill with high spirits, optimism and positivity 
Upstand to rise; to stand up.


Use put into service, work or apply for a purpose; practice; treat; handle 


Utilize to put to use or make useful (especially to find practical or profitable use for).
Utter to put out or forth; to publish or put into circulation.


ps. See also positive adjectives starting with u and positive nouns starting with u.


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