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Positive adjectives that start with S "Descriptive Words"

Looking for positive describing words to inspire and uplift? This article will provide you with an abundance of positive adjectives that start with the letter S - from savvy to spellbinding. With this comprehensive selection, you'll be sure to find the perfect positive S word to fit any situation!


List of positive adjectives starting with S

List of positive S adjectives with definitions to keep your vocabulary sanguine and sapient. Stir and stimulate your mind with these savvy and sprightly positive words.


Adjectives starting with sa

Saccharine extremely sweet; syrupy; having characteristics of sugar or saccharin.
Sacred worthy of respect or veneration (especially religious).
Sacrosanct sacred; inviolable.
Safe secure of free from danger, harm, risk or evil.
Sagacious acutely wise and insightful; having a sound judgment.
Sage showing or having profound wisdom or judgment; wise.
Saintlike characterized or marked by utter benignity.
Saintly of or pertaining to a saint; saintlike.
Salient prominent; conspicuous; jumping; springing; projecting or pointing outwards.
Salubrious healthy; health-giving.
Salutary healthful; wholesome; beneficial; profitable.
Salutiferous healthy; salutary; beneficial; remedial; medicinal.
Sanctified declared, made or believed to be holy; sanctimonious.
Sanctimonious holy; sacred; saintly.
Sanctioned approved or established by authority.
Sanguine confidently cheerful and optimistic; having a healthy reddish color.
Sapid tasty or full of flavor; pleasing to the mind or taste.
Sapient acutely wise and insightful; sage.
Saporific producing or having the power to produce sensation of taste, flavor or relish.
Sassy spirited and lively; bold; jaunty; chic; stylish.
Satisfactory producing or giving satisfaction; adequate; sufficient.
Satisfied filled with satisfaction, pleasure or enjoyment.
Satisfying that gratifies, satisfies, comforts or pleases; convincing.
Saucy lively and bold; sexually suggestive or pleasing.
Saving rescuing; preserving; frugal.
Savory appetizing to the smell or taste; piquant; ethically or morally acceptable.
Savvy well-informed, perceptive or shrewd.



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Adjectives starting with sc

Scenic affording or constituting pleasing views of natural features; picturesque.
Scholarly of or pertaining to a scholar.
Scientific of or pertaining to science; methodical; systematic; precise.
Scintillant emitting fine igneous particles or sparks; sparkling.
Scrumptious splendid; delicious; delectable; fine; first-rate.
Scrupulous exact; precise; careful; nice.


Adjectives starting with se

Seamless smooth; perfectly coherent and consistent; moving easily.
Seasonal being used or occurring in a specific season.
Seasoned experienced; having had spices or herbs added.
Sebaceous relating to or producing oil or sebum, which helps to moisturize and protect the skin.
Second-to-none best.
Secure free from danger, harm, risk or fear; reliable; assured; certain.
Sedulous diligent in pursuit or application; constant; steady; assiduous.
Seemly of pleasing and beautiful appearance; handsome; suitable; appropriate.
Select refined or careful in making choices; of special value or quality; top-notch.
Self-assertive determined advancement of one’s own views, wishes or personality.
Self-assured showing or having confidence and poise; self-reliant.
Self-confident confident of one’s own ability, strength or powers.
Self-disciplined be in control of one’s own actions and abilities.
Self-made having achieved success by one’s own efforts.
Self-sacrificing willing to help others by giving up own interests, feelings and the like.
Self-starting resourceful and energetic.
Self-sufficient independent; able to provide and help oneself without help of others.
Selfless unselfish.
Sensational outstanding; spectacular; exceptionally good.
Sensible appreciable; easily or readily perceived; aware intellectually or intuitively.
Sensitive capable of perceiving with a senses or sense; displaying or having a delicate and quick appreciation of others feelings; responsive to stimuli or external conditions; quick to respond or detect to changes, actions or signals.
Sensual exciting or gratifying (especially sexually); voluptuous.
Sensuous gratifying or appealing to the senses.
Sentimental extravagantly or affectedly emotional; romantic.
Sequacious observing or having a logical sequence; ductile; manageable; following.
Serendipitous discovered or happening by chance in a beneficial or happy way; favorable.
Serene calm; placid; undisturbed; peaceful; clear; unclouded; without anxiety or worry.
Service intended for use in serving or supplying.
Set established or fixed by agreement; intentional; ready.
Settled established; fixed; steadfast; stable; resolved; decided.
Sexual of or pertaining to sex; capable of sexual reproduction; symbolizing or implying erotic activity or desires.
Sexy characterized by or tending to arouse sexual interest or desire; beautiful.

Adjectives starting with sh

Shapely having a distinct or pleasant shape; well-formed; fit; suitable.
Sharp having clear detail and form; intellectually keen; exact; precise; intense; attractive or stylish.
Shatterproof resistant to shattering.
Sheen beautiful; attractive; resplendent; shining.
Shining characterized by exceptional merit; splendid; brilliant; radiant; distinguished; emitting or reflecting light; polished.
Shiny radiating or reflecting light; bright; having a shiny and smooth surface; glossy; excellent; remarkable.
Shipshape well-arranged; organized; neat; trim; tidy.
Showy aesthetically pleasing; flashy; brilliant; stylish; striking.
Shrewd keen; sharp; knowledgeable; satirical.


Adjectives starting with si

Sightly visually pleasing and appealing; scenic; conspicuous.
Significant meaningful; important; notable.
Silken having a gleaming, smooth, soft and/or reflective surface; luxurious; delicately pleasing.
Silky of or pertaining to silk; silken; lustrous; soft, smooth and gleaming.
Silver bright, resplendent and white; precious; melodious, clear and gentle (especially sound); eloquent.
Silver-toned melodious and clear; silvery in shade or color.
Silvery resembling silver in appearance, color and luster; melodious clear and gentle.
Simple easy; plain; straightforward; direct; innocent; humble.
Sincere truthful; earnest; pure; genuine; whole; perfect; unhurt or uninjured.
Sinewy powerful; strong; muscular; firm.
Singular unique; distinct; remarkable; unusual.
Sisterly like a sister; affectionate.
Sizable fairly large; relatively good or suitable.
Sizzling very passionate, exciting or interesting (especially emotionally).



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Adjectives starting with sk

Skillful showing or having skill; talented.
Skilled showing or having skill; expert; talented.


Sleek smooth; glossy; healthy; thriving.
Slick smooth and efficient; glossy; shrewd.
Slinky graceful or sexually attractive in movement; fitting closely or perfectly to the lines of body (especially of a garment).


Adjectives starting with sm

Smacking vigorous; brisk; lively; smart.
Smart bright; clever; fashionable; elegant; well-dressed.
Smashing impressive, wonderful or very good.
Smiley cheerful; smiling; happy.
Smiling smiling with optimism or happiness.
Smooth having a fine texture or quality; calm; having a pleasant flavor; lacking difficulties.


Adjectives starting with sn

Snap easy; simple; done or made suddenly.
Snappy energetic; lively; brisk; sharp; smart; tidy; chic; fashionable.
Snazzy fashionable; flashy; elegant; stylish; attractive; excellent or clever (especially in behavior or execution).
Snod smooth; trimmed; neat; sleek; well-organized.
Snug cozy; comfortable; safe; secure; well-constructed.


Adjectives starting with so

Soaring ascending or rising to a level markedly higher than the usual.
Sociable friendly, affable and pleasant; inviting; associable.
Social spent in, enjoy or marked by friendly companionship or relations; sociable.
Societal of or pertaining to the society.
Soft smooth; fine; affectionate; attracted; tender; easy; calm.
Soft-hearted very responsive, sympathetic or generous in spirit; gentle; tender; kind.
Soigne well-groomed and polished; elegant; fashionable.
Solicitous eager; interested; careful; avoiding anything evil.
Solid whole; firm; sound; reliable; strong; substantial; hearty; excellent; first-rate.
Sonsy having a healthy and attractive appearance; fortunate; lucky; happy; thriving; plump; buxom.
Sooth real; true; smooth; soft.
Soothing giving relief or comfort.
Sophisticated aving worldly knowledge and experience; cosmopolitan; elegant; refined; appealing or suitable.
Sought-after popular; desired; searched.
Soulful full of emotion or feeling; expressive of emotion.
Sound thorough; complete; firm; safe; secure; trustworthy; upright.
Souped-up modified to increase power, efficiency or attractiveness (especially mechanically).
Sovereign supreme; paramount; independent.


Adjectives starting with sp

Spacious roomy; large or vast in extent.
Spangly sparkly; glittering; covered with jewels, beads and/or sequins.
Spanking swift and energetic; fresh and brisk; remarkable.
Sparkling glittering; flashing; brilliant; lively.
Sparkly lively; high-spirited; vivacious; glittery.
Special surpassing what is usual or common; exceptional; extra.
Spectacular worthy of special notice; amazing; impressive; sensational.
Specular having a properties and qualities of a mirror; smooth and reflecting.
Speedy swift; quick; hasty; prompt; ready.
Spellbinding fascinating; attracting.
Spicy lively; high-spirited; zesty; piquant; sexy; aromatic.
Spiffy stylish; well-dressed; fine; dapper.
Spirited full of vigor, life or courage; lively.
Spiritual not material or tangible; sacred; supernatural.
Splendid brilliant with color or light; radiant; splendor and very beautiful; showy; very good; magnificent; pompous; famous; celebrated.
Splendiferous splendid; beautiful; gorgeous; brilliant.
Spontaneous happening or arising from natural feeling or native tendency; done without planning; sudden.
Sport appropriate for use in sports or athletic activities.
Sporting of or pertaining to sports.
Sportive frolicsome; playful; merry; sporty.
Sporty jazzy; flashy; exhibiting sportsmanship or fair play.
Spot delivered, made or paid immediately.
Spotless perfectly clear or clean; free from blemish or impurity; immaculate; neat.
Sprightly full of vitality and spirit; lively; brisk; vivacious; energetic.
Spruce elegant, smart and neat in appearance.
Spry lively; active; brisk; vigorous; nimble.
Spunky plucky; spirited; courageous; sexually attractive.


Adjectives starting with sq

Square honest; direct; just; equitable; even; tied.


Adjectives starting with st

Stable enduring; permanent; self-restoring; durable.
Stacked voluptuous and having a large bosom (especially of a woman’s body).
Stainless spotless; immaculate; pure.
Stalwart firm; resolute; stout; brave; bold; strong.
Staminal of or pertaining to stamina.
Standard widely recognized as a model or excellence; commonly used; familiar; usual.
Standing remaining upright or erect; unchanging or permanent; fixed.
Stand-up honorable; honest; upright.
Star famous; outstanding.
Starry resembling a star; glittering; shining; sparkling; stellar.
State public.
Stately impressive or dignified as in size; worthy of respect; majestic; lofty; grand.
Statuesque like a statue as in dignity, grace, beauty or proportion.
Staunch firm; steadfast; true; loyal; reliable; outstanding.
Steadfast steady; firm; constant; resolute; unswerving; loyal.
Steady firm; fixed; sure; unfaltering; unwavering; reliable; sober.
Steamy warm or hot and humid; erotic; sexy.
Stellar outstanding; heavenly; exceptional; wonderful; principal; starry; astral.
Sterling valuable or excellent (especially of person or their work; genuine; pure.
Sthenic active; vigorous; strong.
Stick-to-itive persevering; resolute.
Stimulant stimulating.
Stimulating exciting or quickening activity or the senses; making lively, fresh or cheerful.
Stimulative having a renewing effect on the state of the mind or body; capable of stimulating.
Stipendiary receiving or compensated by stipend; for which money or something is paid.
Stirred emotionally aroused or excited.
Stirring rousing; active; lively; invigorating; inspiring.
Stocky sturdy and solidly built; compact and heavy; headstrong.
Stoical capable to endure hardship or pain without complaint; fortitudinous.
Storied much talked, written or celebrated about.
Stout characterized by bravery, boldness or determination; resolute and firm; sturdy; powerful.
Stouthearted courageous; brave.
Straight-out straightforward; complete; frank; honest.
Straightforward direct; open and plain; free from pretense; honest; frank.
Strapping robust; muscular and healthy; of a young person full of vigor; lusty.
Strategic of or pertaining to strategy.
Street-smart having practical knowledge.
Streetwise having the knowledge, experience and resourcefulness needed for survival.
Strenuous zealous; ardent; urgent; earnest; bold; valiant; intrepid.
Striking sensational or exciting in appearance or in effect; impressive; very noticeable.
Strong of good condition and quality; solid; sure; powerful; effective; intense; eager; ardent.
Studious characterized by diligent study and reading; showing great attention or care.
Stunning exceptionally attractive or beautiful; impressive; amazing; surprising.
Stupendous astonishingly large or great; enormous; amazing; wonderful.
Sturdy resolute; firm; strong; stout.
Stylish having taste or elegance in manners or dress; modish.



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Adjectives starting with su

Suasive persuasive.
Suave charming; courteous; elegant; pleasant; delightful; gracious.
Sublime majestic; noble; awe-inspiring and impressive; supreme.
Substant firm; substantial.
Substantial real or true; strong; solid; sustaining; ample; possessing property or wealth; essential; most important; vast.
Substantive considerable; substantial; actual; real; firm; enduring; independent.
Subtle characterized by skill and cleverness; capable of making fine or precise distinctions.
Successful having obtained something favorable, desired or intended.
Succinct clearly and briefly expressed (especially of something spoken or written); concise.
Succulent full of sap or juice; lush; highly enjoyable; delectable.
Sufficient enough; ample; competent; content.
Sugary characterized by qualities of sugar; sweet.
Suitable appropriate or right for a particular purpose, situation or person.
Sultry exciting, arousing or gratifying (especially sexually).
Summary brief, concise or presented in a condensed form; summed up.
Summery of or pertaining to summer.
Sumptuous lavish; magnificent; luxurious; rich and extremely good in quality.
Sun-kissed having an attractive appearance and tan by exposure to sun; made beautifully tanned or pleasantly warm by the sun.
Sunny cheerful; genial; warm; bright; shining; radiant.
Super excellent; first-rate; very great, large or extreme.
Superabundant exceedingly or extremely abundant or sufficient.
Superb very or unusually high in quality; excellent; majestic; grand; rich; elegant; showy.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious extraordinarily wonderful or good (a nonsense word popularized by the movie Mary Poppins).
Super-duper very excellent; marvelous; truly great.
Supereminent superior to above all others; surpassingly eminent; outstanding; very lofty.
Superethical above ethics or more than ethical.
Superexcellent uncommonly excellent or superior in degree.
Superfluous beyond what is sufficient or required; excessive.
Superior higher in quality, value, excellence, rank, station or authority; extraordinary.
Superlative of the highest quality, degree, rank or order; excessive; exaggerated; superb.
Supernal heavenly; celestial; exalted; exquisite.
Supersonic very fast; faster than speed of sound.
Supple pliant; adaptable; compliant.
Supportive providing assistance or support.
Supreme greatest in importance, degree, significance, character, power, rank and the like; ultimate.
Sure certain; confident; firm; reliable; safe; secure.
Sure-fire certain to be successful or perform as expected.
Sure-footed proceeding surely or steadily; capable and confident.
Sure-handed confident, skilled or proficient in performance (especially with hands); dexterous.
Surpassing exceeding; exceptional; superior.
Sustained held up to a certain level, degree or pitch; continuous.

Adjectives starting with sv

Svelte attractively and gracefully thin or slender; moving with ease.


Adjectives starting with sw

Swank fashionably stylish, luxurious, expensive and elegant.
Swashbuckling adventurous.
Sweet pleasing to the senses; gratifying; kind; gracious; fragrant; cute; lovable.
Swell excellent; wonderful; elegant; stylish.
Swift very fast; instant; rapid; quick.
Swish fashionable; elegant; posh; smooth; effeminate.



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Adjectives starting with sy

Sybaritic characterized by pleasure and luxury.
Sylvan of or pertaining to the trees, forest or woodlands; residing in a tree, wood or forest n. one that resides, lives in or frequents the woods or forest.
Symmetrical having similarity in characteristics; harmonious.
Sympathetic inclined favorably; having similar tastes and disposition; expressing compassion or friendly feeling.
Symphonious harmonious; accordant; agreeing in sound.
Synergistic of or pertaining to synergism; co-operative; interacting.
Systematic methodical; orderly; regular.



Rare And Uncommond Adjectives That Start With S

Curated selection of uncommon positive adjectives beginning with the letter S. Perfect for elevating your discourse or adding nuance to your descriptions, these words range from the sagacious and salubrious to the svelte and synesthetic.

Sagacious: having or showing keen mental discernment and good judgment.

Salubrious: health-giving; healthy.

Sanguine: optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.

Sapient: wise, or attempting to appear wise.

Scintillating: brilliantly and excitingly clever or skillful.

Serendipitous: occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Sincere: free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.

Singular: exceptionally good or great; remarkable.

Sophrosyne: the quality of having a sound mind, self-control, and moderation.

Sublime: of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

Sumptuous: splendid and expensive-looking.

Svelte: (of a person) slender and elegant.

Sybaritic: fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent.

Sylvan: consisting of or associated with woods; wooded.

Symbiotic: involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

Syncretic: the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.

Synesthetic: relating to or experiencing synesthesia, a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses, such as sight.


Brief History of Letter S | 10 Sagacious Facts

1. The letter S is one of the oldest letters in the Latin alphabet, derived from the Phoenician letter Šin, which represented a tooth or a sharp point.

2. In ancient Greek, the letter S was known as "sigma" (Σίγμα), and it represented a voiced alveolar fricative /z/.

3. The shape of the letter S has evolved over time. In ancient Greece, it was written like a modern-day "C" with a vertical stroke at the top. The Romans later adapted the letter, adding a horizontal stroke at the bottom to distinguish it from the letter "C".

4. The letter S is the most common letter in the English language, making up around 6% of all letters used. The letter S is also the most commonly used letter in many other languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Chinese.

5. In Old English, the letter S was often pronounced like a soft "sh" sound, similar to how it is pronounced in Modern English words like "measure" and "treasure".

6. During the Middle Ages, scribes often wrote the letter S with a curled tail, which made it look more like an "f" than a modern-day "s".

7. In early printing presses, the letter S was often printed upside down due to technical limitations. This led to the creation of the "long s" (ſ), which looked like an "f" but with a distinctive hook at the end. The long s remained in use until the late 18th century, when it was eventually replaced by the modern-day "s".

8. The letter S has been used as a musical note since medieval times. The "S" clef, also known as the treble clef, is still used today to indicate pitch in sheet music.

9. The letter S has been used as a symbol in various cultures throughout history. For example, in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the letter S represented water or fluidity. The symbol for the letter "S" in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is a folded cloth or a piece of linen. The cloth symbol is used for the "S" sound in words like sun and sand, and names like Stephen and Susan.

10. The letter S has also been associated with spirituality, enlightenment, secret, mystery, communication, creativity, rebirth and self-expression. In mystical traditions, the letter S is said to represent the divine spark within each individual.


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